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How to have a wonderful experience with me

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It’s an exciting moment to book an appointment with a Courtesan. You are thrilled and looking forward to having a wonderful experience between now and the conclusion of your time together. It’s also exciting for the Courtesan to have a man express interest in meeting with her. She is looking forward to the conversation, the thrill of intimacy and the giving of herself as a beautiful passionate tender woman enjoying pleasing a Gentleman who respects her person and her passion for her profession.

So how should a man behave when he is with the woman, he has taken an interest in? I would like to say that first impressions count. Be a gentleman, introduce yourself and be courteous. Doing this will guarantee that you will trigger true delights within me, and you will receive my warmest and delightful appreciation.

A man should prepare himself well for meeting a Courtesan. He should expect the Courtesan will be well presented and in return she will be most impressed and happy to see the man has dressed smart and has groomed himself well.

For myself I can say that I enjoy dressing with class and style. I also like to plan ahead for my weekly schedule, that is why I do prefer bookings to be arranged with at least one week’s notice. I put in 100 % effort for all my appointments, including attending to my personal make-up and presentation. I organise the outfit and lingerie for the occasion taking into account what I consider you may like to enjoy from me.

I commence preparing for our meeting well before the day and ensure I am well rested so that I can give you my full attention and love, no matter if it is a dinner date or an unforgettable sensual intimate time together.

A man must also never lose sight of the type of arrangement he has entered into. While I do genuinely give myself to you to enjoy, I want you to respect me by doing the following;

• Don’t try to change the agreed business arrangement into a personal relationship
• Don’t ask private and personal details about me like my real name, my home address

I understand most gentlemen are just curious and wanting to get to know me on a personal level. However, persisting with asking for private details is a serious mood killer and only serves to deteriorate the special relationship I like to have with you. Let’s just keep it sweet and delightful. I want to have a great experience just as much as you do.

We can have a lot of fun so long as we maintain mutual respect.


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