escort diary of Eva Mcstar

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Male clients ask for this, hint at this, and sometimes just quietly hope for this.
Anal stimulation in one form or another is such a popular request that i really can't expect to be in business without offering some form of it.
when a group of a escorts get together, the conversation invariably turns to this particular male preoccupation. We whisper about it over lunch. We joke about it. We laugh and giggle with knowing smiles. I think many of us are surprised by the frequency with which we get requests for some kind of anal stimulation.
Anal stimulation can take many different forms. Rimming, prostate massage, butt plug play, & penetration with a strap on dildo are all forms of anal sex that I can perform on a male. The pay off for anal stimulation are also potentially high.
I have seen men completely overcome with pleasurable sensation which has often culminated in an emotional release as well.
All agree that the sphincter muscle is packed full of sensitive nerve endings that can produce enormous pleasure Sensations if lightly stroked or licked. But regardless of the pleasure of penetration, some men refer to the spot that feels the best is the prostate.. some call it the G SPOT......

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