escort diary of Eva Mcstar

Intoxication of being seduced

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Do you remember the first time you were seduced?
The anticipation of your lovers touch, then next move, his breath on your skin,.
Being seduced is something many women take for granted. Many of us never had to ask for sex or initiate it. sex is something we pick and choose when we are in the mood.
To me, A woman giving herself to a man is-at its best-a supreme act of generosity, trust, and desire. I've always envied the power that a woman wields in choosing to surrender to the pursuer, to- well, to put it in a kitschy way, to open the gates of paradise to her man, to let him in.

Or to stop running and let yourself be overtaken by the onrushing trembling, for the rapture to take hold of you. So one thing that I've always wanted is simply too… Surrender myself for the pleasure of some admirer...So I dream… of finding myself alone with an attentive woman who will make me feel intensely desired and a big need to open myself for her… Just to feel that I was someone's sex object, that I was satisfying my lovers appetite by letting her have her way with me. When someone is going down on me, that's the Richest Fantasy for me, not that I'm being served, but more than I've been caught by an admirer to whom I've laid myself open because I'm helpless to resist.
It's about vulnerability.

Vulnerability is terribly exciting to me!!!!!

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