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I do NOT provide a Girlfriend Experience (GFE) or a Porn Star Experience (PSE). Due to the amount of enquiries I have been getting for these services I wanted to be clear about this.

My services are called Companion and XXX. I will not take a booking for a GFE or a PSE booking as
- I do not provide these services
- It indicates you have not read my listing or website

By enforcing this protocol I aim to do two things.

Firstly, part of my rejection of the GFE service in it’s name is in effort to protect my clients. Within the first few months of working independently in the sex industry I encountered men who too readily allowed themselves to believe I was interested in dating them. Clients misunderstood my friendly nature and willingness to put in a lot of effort organise or rearrange a booking, as personal interest in them. 

Beginning with my advertising, I want to set clear boundaries on where my service starts and ends. Language is used to invoke meaning, and I want to carefully choose the language I use to describe and market my services. While I still find I have to manage some clients expectations carefully, rejecting the ‘girlfriend for hire’ label is part of my care for clients emotional wellbeing.

Secondly I want to advertise myself accurately. As a service provider I will not pretend I love a client or that I have a personal emotional connection with them. I will not allow clients to tell me they love me. I will not pretend you aren’t paying me. I'm not the kind of person who likes to send lots of cute and flirty messages to clients, ending with an xx. As a result I do not consider myself a girlfriend for hire, and believe advertising GFE would be disingenuous. I am also not a Porn Star, I have never made porn and have no plans to do so in the future. Therefore I cannot provide a ‘Porn Star Experience’. 

I also do not believe the general titles of GFE or PSE are accurately matched to there services of different providers. I do not think you would receive a similar experience in a PSE booking with Lola Grace, Amanda Valentina or myself, for instance. We provide very different experiences. There can be assumptions of sex acts that are provided that are at odds with the comforts and service provisions of individual providers. Using a generalised and ambiguous service title for different providers makes limited practical sense to me - so why would I buy into it?

I would like my clients to understand that I avoid the labels of GFE and PSE not to be ‘difficult’ or to make bookings complicated. I do this to be careful and accurate in my advertising, matching the delivery of my service and safeguarding your responses in whatever small way I am able.

Therefore, please do not request GFE or PSE services from me. I am uncomfortable with these titles and they do not match the service I provide.

Instead, let me be your cheeky intimate companion, or daring XXX explorer.

- Emma

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