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After two and a half long years my braces are scheduled to be removed. Yay!

I originally had braces to get straight teeth but this could only be achieved with surgery to realign my jaw. I have always wanted straight teeth but I was refused treatment on the NHS because I was too old at 16 years old - despite my dentist telling me to wait until I was 16. Confused? So was I!

After changing dentists I was referred to the hospital dentist who said the NHS would only offer me surgery to improve my bite, and wouldn't offer braces because 'that is cosmetic'. I declined because I just wanted straight teeth and I was told the operation was 'very painful'.

Fast forward twelve years and I took the plunge, not knowing if my braces would put of punters or if I could still kiss/suck a dick with braces. It was never a problem despite a dentist telling me it would be an issue.

When braces when they are first put on, they are horrendous. The pain is excruciating and having to brush your teeth straight after eating removed a lot of joy of eating. Ironically, I will now always brush my teeth after eating, it feels cleaner and I know my oral health long term is improved. Apart from always carrying my toothbrush, ulcers, pain from adjustments and monthly visits to the dentist and increased visits to the hygienist; fixed braces are low maintenance.

The cost of the treatment was somewhere between $7-8K. I changed dentists at the start of my treatment and had to pay a bit more. Insurance will pay $1k a year and the patient pays around 25% at the start, rest via instalments. Dentist charges one set fee at the start of treatment. If treatment takes longer you won’t be out of pocket. You will also see the ortho for two years after treatment, about every three months. You will also have to see they hygienist every four months and dentist six months as tooth decay is higher with braces.

Go direct to an Orthodontist. They are general dentists and have spent several years’ postgraduate learning about diagnosing and treating jaw alignment issues. Orthodontists will give you expert treatment for the best possible smile as well as facial growth. They often charge the same as a general dentist, so it’s a no brainer!

There are many new products on the market such as Three/Six Month Smile and Invisalign. Fast braces, such as those marketed as Six Month Smile are the same as traditional braces, they just don’t treat your whole mouth, and just the front teeth are improved. Despite the best efforts of dentists, you can’t make teeth move faster than a few decades ago because human bodies haven’t changed. No one cares you have braces, do it right the first time so you don’t waste time, money and get unstable results.

Invisalign is a new product on the market. Invisalign is American patented product whereby any dentist takes impressions and sends them to America for the trays to be made. Although I can understand that people want ‘clear’ braces, I can always tell are wearing Invisalign. I’m happy I wasn’t eligible for Invisalign, as I would have trouble wearing the trays 22 hours a day, especially when I was in pain or sucking dick several times a way.

Invisalign is American patented product, the dentist takes impressions and sends them to America and the trays are made – sounds like anyone can offer the service with minimal training. Fixed braces allow the dentist to move each tooth individually 360 degrees and the Orthodontist can fine-tune your teeth at your 4-6 week check ups. I haven’t had any negative experiences with my fixed braces and literally no one cares. In around 18 months you can have perfect, stable teeth with fixed braces. Some people are eligible for Invisalign and will get good results, but please see an Orthodontist, not a general dentist.

Part of my treatment required jaw surgery, yikes! The surgery was due to my jaw misalignment; the cause could be due to crowded teeth as a teenager or just how my jaw grew – chicken or the egg scenario. The surgery cost as much as my braces and thankfully my private health insurance paid for the hospital stay, but most of the surgery was out of pocket (around $8k).

Recovery was very fast. I experienced minimal swelling and bruising; mostly due to wisdom tooth removal. I walked 10,00 steps every day and had a liquid diet of good fats and protein. Heavy elastics were put on my braces to prevent my mouth from opening. It took about six weeks for my mouth to open fully which is the ability to open to the space of 3.5 fingers lengthways.

All in all I am happy that I took the decision to have braces and cant wait to see the finished result.

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