escort diary of Elsa Deva Tantra

Our clients are a reflection of ourself

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When I first started to work in the sex industry, I was so afraid of the judgement that people would have on me... I did not realise that I was projecting my own self-judgements.
In all those month, I realised that I had a wrong idea on the type of men I would have met in the industry. I though that all men would have been rude & perverse, and with time I realised that I was 80% wrong on that statement!
I have noticed that when men ask for sex workers services, what they are actually seeking for, is, acceptance, affection, support, guidance and love, even if sometimes they are not fully aware of it. The sexual act in itself isn’t the real object of the demand, but it disguises a deeper longing of being empowered as a man, and being seen and recognised into it!
Isn't it what we are all looking for through human interactions?
The more I recognised myself into my clients, the more I became aware of the mirroring effect between my clients and me.
I attract clients that resonate with what I think about myself.
From that insight, I start taking this experience as a journey of personal-growth.
I am very grateful for all the beautiful men I met during this time and I am looking forward to meet new ones!

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