escort diary of Elsa Deva Tantra

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I spent the last hours in a state of pure bliss being penetrated by my beloved, in every hole!
When we made love earlier in the afternoon I could already feel that today I was tending to be more open and more able to surrender than usual, but tonight when we did it again, it was next level, I melted into the vastness of the Universe.

As usual, as soon as I start being in a state of high arousal, a wanting for excessively more of everything appears, and can take the form of a desire of thousand of other cocks simultaneously.
A will of pure abandonment into deep levels of pleasure.

The more I open sexually, the more I become sexually alive and the more I call in for more and more and always more!!
This terrifies me at times and completely turns me on when I’m able to let go, and keep being truth to myself.

This insatiable desire for excessive pleasure, epic abundance, always more, is nothing else than a manifestation of a deep longing for transcendence, for ultimate (re)union beyond any forms.

When I want thousand of cocks in me, I want to be filled by power, by the immense totality of existence. I’m yearning to be completely burned into the antagonist fusion and come back directly where I come from, in this ecstatic gap of eternity where all duality vanished.

I don’t want to be taken by any less than Everything!

I don’t want to be ravished by any less than God!

From the visual expression of orgies fantasy, my awareness slid into my body sensations.
I lay down on the sofa, and my partner was on top of me. All my limbs were completely relaxed.
No more resistance, no more contraction, such as fear and pain could totally vanished into a wide openness and warming wetness.

The more I surrendered and offered myself fully, the more my partner became powerful, magnificent, confident and in full control over our amplified sexual energy.
He was taking me in name of, and with the power of all the lingams (cocks) of the world reunited!!

From the physical deep relaxation, to a complete freezing of the mind, I then melted into a poetic creative flow of energy.
I was a flower, a poem, a piece of art, a muse, a music …
My breath slowed down significantly marking longer and longer gaps of void in between each breath and finally I dropped into pure stillness, in void retention, during ... an eternity …

It wasn’t any more him making love to me nor me to him, but the Universe merging, recreating and celebrating itself.

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