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When looking for an escort, you want to know that the SW you are booking with is Safe, Sane and Serious (not a fraud). Many clients will research and review a variety of escorts before selecting one; and those factors are usually taken into consideration, especially when requiring discretion.

Essentially; you are screening us...

As an escort, I only book with “safe, sane and serious” clients and this is why screening is essential for me.

But let’s break down what ‘Safe, Sane & Serious’ means for me;

I screen potential clientele by using the information they have provided; even when it is as minimal as a first name and phone number (Yes, I screen Everyone who makes contact!).
A simple google search can be extremely informative and is usually all that is required.

I am not looking for your personal information; I don’t care who you are married to, etc... I am merely checking that you have not been convicted of serious crimes such as murder, rape or assault - for my own safety!
You shoplifted a few years ago; so what!
You got caught drink driving and got charged; - so what!

I just want to know that you are not going to potentially turn into Jack the Ripper and dump my body in a river or dumpster somewhere. I’m enjoying being alive.

Safety is important.

I believe in conversation and connection. I specialise in companionship. I want us to enjoy our EVERY moment together... meaning I would also like to be able to CONVERSE with you; on a mature, adult level.
This doesn’t mean we won’t laugh, joke and be silly.
I like to be sure we are mentally compatible, as well as sexually compatible before making a booking. Trust me when I say; mental compatibility WILL increase the pleasure....

This is why it is important to contact escorts using the correct methods listed on our websites.

Your first contact is your first impression.
I limit my company, therefore first impressions are extremely important.
If you are rude, arrogant or demanding I block you instantly and without warning.
If you are polite and informative we will have an unforgettable time that I guarantee will linger in your mind long after we part ways.

You may think ‘hey babe’ is a great icebreaker; but in ‘escort land’ it’s often a sign of another time waster...of which there are plenty.
I understand some of you are shy or new, and this is an attempt to make contact but please, please make everyones experience easier by providing the details requested - in a polite and concise manner.

Make a great first impression and we will enjoy each other physically and mentally; inside and outside the bedroom.

If you are willing to be screened, provide the requested information and pay your deposit; I know you are Serious. Serious about spending time with me, and serious about having the most enjoyable experience possible during that time, and seriously not going to murder me.

Sadly there are many, many time wasters, bad eggs and people all to willing to do the wrong thing...
There are too many horror stories about no-shows and expensive tours for me to add another here.
So please remember;

Be safe.

Be sane.

Be serious.

Much love,
Ellie xx

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