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Sex Work is different for everyone; regardless of whether you are a street walker or a high-class escort.

How each sex worker chooses to market themselves and conduct their business is ENTIRELY THEIR OWN CHOICE.

Their body, mind & time = their choice. ALWAYS.

Some SWs are happy and willing to send you selfies and pictures via SMS/MMS or Email.
Most SWs I know (and by all means; not all) won't - especially if you have never booked with them.
Some SWs won't at all...
We all have our reasons and boundaries. We also all have the right to choose.

I belong in the last category.
I won't send photos.
And although I don't have to justify or explain why; today, I will.

1. I have a professional career - which would be in jeopardy if linked to sex work. Meaning I will not show my face online or on a message or email. I'm sorry, but I have a lot to lose also.

2. I don't take many selfies. I hate being in front of a camera. Seriously, it's terrifying for me.

3. I don't pay for photo shoots just to send mirror, bedroom or bathroom selfies. It's not my thing...

4. I am the Mysterious Ellie Anderson....
Part of the "Ellie" experience is uncovering that mystery - the who? the why?
It's about meeting the face behind the online profiles and exploring eachother IN A HUMAN WAY. Anyone who knows me, understands that I am ALL about human connection and interaction.

5. I just don't have the time.... to take pics or send them.
I am a full time career woman and a part time escort. I spend 4-8hours a week (depending on my touring schedule) at the gym to stay fit, strong and healthy as well; for myself and my lovers.I also have a social life, friends and a Family (who are my Number One Priority Always).

I know there are lots of Sex Workers that have similar reasoning, and/or their own reasons as well.
But, that's enough about me though.

Let's talk about RESPECT for a moment...

Regardless of the justification above, it is downright DISRESPECTFUL to ask a lady for a facial image when there is clearly none on any profiles or ads.

It is even more disrespectful when it comes in a message similar to this;
"Hi :) was just looking at your add, and was just wondering if you have any face pictures? As I’d prefer to see what you look like before booking, thanks :)"
"Hi, I don't feel comfortable booking a girl without seeing her face. Please send me some pics then I will complete your booking form".

Yes, some people will hold a potential booking over you in an attempt to fill their 'wank bank'.

I'm sorry, but again, No.

I will not see anyone who asks for pictures as they clearly have not respected me enough to read my profile in it's entirety. I don't see disrepectful clients.

I only see lovers who respect my wishes, privacy and time. Lovers who respect boundaries.
Lovers who have read my profile and are interested in forming a real human connection.
Lovers whose beauty shines through their actions.

Mutual respect means our encounter will be blissful for us both, each and every time. The way it should be.

I am an escort because I care for ALL humans with ALL of my heart for ALL of their flaws and complexities.
Because humans fascinate me in so many ways...

Escorting allows me to meet wonderful human beings and explore connections that I never would have had the opportunity too otherwise, and for that I am forever grateful.

Ellie xx

PS: To all the wonderful humans who do the right thing, and do respect Sex Workers - thank you, thank you, thank you. You are the real MVP's!!

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