escort diary of Elle Divine

5 Things I've Learnt From my Clients that Surprised Me

I'm a relative newbie to escorting, having begun my new career only 9 months ago. I consider myself to be both very fortunate and very privileged to provide a unique and tailored experience for each and every person I see; while experiencing the ultimate in freedom of expression and job satisfaction.

What I could never have expected was the amount of learning I had ahead of me; and the fact that each booking I did would give me so many opportunities to learn something, and to implement something I'd thought about, but never had the chance to put into practice. For example, the amount of men who enjoy prostate stimulation; which brings me to:

Thing 1:
Lots of men LOVE (and I mean LOVE) anal play - I'd never had much experience of this in my sex-life until I started doing erotic massage. The first time a client requested this service my curiosity drove me to slide a condom over my fingers, lube up and get wriggling. I'm always hungry to know how I can improve my service and make sure my clients have the best time possible. I really enjoyed the sensation of that silky yielding flesh against my fingers, and the look of pure bliss on my clients' face. After that experience, I went home and read everything I could find on anal play and couldn't wait to share what I'd learned. I realised that many of my clients had been asking me for the experience, without using words. A dead give away is seeing your client pull their knees up to their chest during the booking - now when I see that I lean down and whisper "do you want my fingers inside you?" or mention that I have some toys they might enjoy.

Thing 2:

Many of my clients care deeply about my pleasure during a booking, and they love to make sure that I enjoy myself as much as they do. In my experience, the notion that men only care about themselves during a sexual encounter just isn't true for the most part. I've learned to be specific about what I enjoy when I'm asked and I've lost any shyness I used to have about demonstrating PRECISELY what turns me on. I have learned to accept pleasure, to take it and give it back tenfold. Multiple orgasms are not only very possible for me; they've made a huge difference to the service I provide. The expectation of pleasure as I prepare for a booking puts a beaming smile on my face as I open the door, and I know that this makes it easy to create a deeply fulfilling experience for my clients.

Thing 3:

I never expected that my work would give me so many opportunities for seeing myself in a new light. Hearing the appreciation that my clients have for my company, my wit, the beauty of my body and my skill at giving pleasure has transformed my self image, how I carry myself and how I interact with other people - and not just in the bedroom. I've always been self-confident; but now I know my value to other people and that makes all the difference. Aspects of my appearance that I used to be very self-critical of just don't seem to matter any more and my clients have been instrumental in changing my thinking, and my attitude to my self.

Thing 4:

I can find something to appreciate in everyone I see. It might be your eyes, your cheeky smile, your beautiful soft skin, your quick mind; it could be anything at all. I've discovered that whatever you look like, however shy or awkward you might be; there's something unique to you that I can seek out and enjoy during our time together. It's amazing what you find when you can look beyond appearances and find the treasure beneath.

Thing 5:

Consent is sexy. While you would be forgiven for thinking that making a booking with me means that your sexual consent is implicit, I've found that that's not always the case. Some clients don't like being kissed, and some have certain areas they don't enjoy being touched. The only way to find this out is to ask. It might seem awkward for me to be always asking "Do you want ...?", "Would you like me to ...?" the truth is that this can be intensely sexy, and a massive turn on! Never forget that having my consent is sexy too, and that nothing can kill the mood faster than being told to stop an activity because it's something I don't enjoy. I have no qualms reinforcing my boundaries if I need to, but I'd much prefer it if you were brave enough to ask.
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