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5 Things I Love About Nuru Massage

5 Things I Love About Nuru Massage
December 6, 2015

Ms Elle Divine -Adelaide Private Escort


Thing 1: It's Frictionless!

I love the sensation of being suspended in water and floating and gliding along. I haven’t yet overcome the challenge of being able to offer something akin to floating in my sessions. You know the feeling of freedom when you’re floating – your body can surrender entirely and be completely cradled and supported. You can feel this because the water and your skin have no resistance to each other. They remain separate yet the water surrounds and supports the body, and the body can sense each silky nuance of the water. With Nuru, I can give you this kind of feeling, but on land. At my well appointed and lavishly heated incall, you are welcome to indulge yourself in a rare opportunity to enjoy frictionless contact with me.

Thing 2: It’s a Completely Unique Form of Massage

Total body to body contact, sliding in a warm pool of gel - every part of your skin slick as slick can be. There are traditional massage styles such as Lomi-Lomi and Ka Hu’na massage that involve oiling the table directly and plentifully so that long languorous massage strokes can be applied underneath the body, using body weight to increase the effectiveness of the strokes. Nuru goes so much farther, allowing a way of movement and interaction between bodies that is an incomparable pleasure. Nuru provides novel sensations that can’t be replicated with any other technique or product. When practised with care, a sense of humour and honest sensual surrender, Nuru massage with me is an experience that I am both proud and excited to share with you. I use nothing but the best of equipment and technique to give you the ultimate pluscious pleasure for every inch of you.

Thing 3: Spectacularly Intimate

So, now that we’ve established that frictionless fun times are not only possible but imminent or even immanent; one of the lovely possibilities of a Nuru service is that of closeness. In the same way that the water supports the body, my body will be able to meld with yours in a way you may never have felt before. Less resistance between our skin, and more contact on a level that will make you glad you have a body, and a nervous system and the wherewithal to make a booking with me. Satisfy your skin hunger deeply and completely as you are immersed in a soft and slippery sensory explosion. Think about that for a moment...

Thing 4: Super exciting

The sensation of being as slippery as an otter often leads directly to being as playful as an otter. Frictionlessness applies to your contact with the bed and your ability to find purchase anywhere at all. Everything you know about your relationship with every object around you is being called into question – your familiar associations with everyday objects are no longer what they were. If you’re like me; this idea excites you and piques your curiosity. Opportunities for mayhem abound. If that doesn’t stir something inside you, I don’t know what will! For me, the most exciting thing about doing Nuru massage is the gift of transcending everyday limitations and preconceptions; and letting my skin speak directly to my deeper self, and being free to act on that information directly. It’s a heady blend of stimulation and sensation that is pure intoxication.

Thing 5: Handmade

I produce my own gel after researching what is currently available, and deciding that I can make a superior product. I have experimented with formulas and concentrations and I believe I have come up with the basis for a superlative erotic sensation. Each batch is prepared exclusively for YOUR Nuru experience. I’m very particular about the kinds of products I use within my work, such as lubricants, oils, lotions and wipes. Wherever possible I use environmentally responsible products that are unscented, have plant based ingredients (never petroleum based) and won’t irritate the skin. It’s important to me that what comes into contact with my skin and yours is unlikely to cause any kind of irritation or reaction. After researching the options for Nuru gels and finding most either packed full of real undesirables or prohibitively expensive; I’ve developed a formula that works exquisitely well and is completely unique to me. No preservatives, freshly made. Safe to use with skin, silicone and latex. Non staining, tasteless and odourless. I’ve experimented to find the precise formula that provides the best performance.

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