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I would love to be posting about an exciting first week full of debauchery, but alas; I am still technically an escort virgin. This is through no flaw of my own I defend, but rather the result of mother nature giving me a compulsory week off. It has, however, given me the opportunity to prepare and reflect.

People in my vanilla world would never believe you if you told them I was pursuing a career as an Escort. Hell, passing me in the street you would never believe it. I am I guess what they would call 'the girl next door'. Natural. No porn star lips and titties here, sorry fellas. I come from a good family where everyone gets a tertiary education. No split families. Just...normal.

So how did I end up here? I do not need to be here to make money. I have a number of decent career options. Well, I've always been extremely sexual with a kinky side. This is not due to some trauma when I was young or inappropriate exposure as a child. Sexuality is more commonly and confidently discussed in relation to men. But, news flash boys, some of us girls love sex too. And not just boring missionary sex either, raunchy, devious, exploratory sex. Did you know escorting is a common female fantasy? To be desired to such an extent someone is willing to pay money just for the opportunity to be with you, even for a short amount of time. It's exciting, arousing. I am female, I am sexual, and I am in control.

My first opportunity to explore my devious sexuality was within the swinging scene. MMF, MFM, FFM, FMFM, FMFMFM, you name it. It's all amazing. That lead me to the BDSM/kink scene (I am technically a switch, but submission is not something I'd feel comfortable to do with a client; true submission requires a massive amount of trust, and that trust is earned). It's within the kink scene I was approached by my first 'sugar daddy'. Since then I have had a few. Extremely different to escorting and closer to dating in nature. All were long term. All extremely positive experiences. When my most recent SD relationship ended I was doing some online creeping, and stumbled upon Scarlet Blue. Since that moment I couldn't get the page out of my head. Having a natural attraction to anything taboo, it became something I would often fantasize about. I love to please. Causing pleasure in other, I believe, is one of the most arousing experiences possible. If I never acted on it, would I regret it? Or would I be wasting my education? So I decided to go out on a limb and give it a go. I mean, it doesn't have to be my forever, and, well life is too short not to experience your deepest desires. While I'm young, toned and and fit I'm going to jump all in.

So here I am, red wine in hand, waiting with utmost excitement for my first experience and all that follows.

Elizabeth x

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