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Mr X: a month of exploration, growth and debauchery

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To say the last month has been a whirl wind would be an understatement. In four short weeks I’ve gone from nervously placing my advertisement, hoping to get some form of interest, to leasing and furnishing my own luxury incall apartment to accommodate the wealth of eager clients I have knocking on my door. I’m overwhelmed at the response. I’m completely flattered, and now confident I have made an amazing choice in fulfilling this fantasy. Bring on the next 12 months. I’m ready for you.

I’ve been agonising over what to base my first diary entry on as an official ridgy-didge escort. I definitely want to move away from comic satire/relief/jovial self-reflection and move more towards my interest; erotica. Over the last month I have had some mind blowing sessions. It’s hard to just pick one to describe. But you have to start somewhere, and I’ve selected a recent experience that stood out to me, as it is fresh in my mind.

The request was a dress, no panties. Usually before an appointment I meticulously shower, prep, prime and select my favourite Honey Birdette lingerie set. Preparation equals confidence and quality; two elements I consider crucial. This is why I always leave adequate time between appointments. I aim to offer the ultimate sexual and social experience. That means down time, rest and rejuvenation. Anyway, I digress, so in this particular instance a client request was made, and I excitedly obeyed. I must admit I love client requests; whether it is what I wear, whether I provide a take home gift in the way of a pair of used panties, or the terms in which I refer to the particular client; it’s exciting and it stands out. So I drove to my sexy incall apartment nestled in a private street in central Spring Hill in a short summer dress, no panties, no bra. Pussy tingling with anticipation, my naturally large breasts moving freely. I had spent the last hour getting ready, so I only needed to do a quick spruce up of the apartment, light the candles and pop on some music. My phone beeps. My client, lets call him Mr X, has arrived. He is a regular, so he knows the drill. I tell him to come up, I’m ready. My intercom buzzes. I press the unlock button, and wait eagerly by the door. Knock. I wait a few moments as to not seem too eager. Cool, calm and collected, but inside there is an electricity flowing. When I open the door, I politely greet Mr X with a cheeky smile. We have spent a few sessions together so it’s familiar and relaxed. He gives me a soft, lingering kiss on the lips. My breath quickens, and his smiles knowingly.

We address the formalities, Mr X handing me an envelope containing my fee and heading off to shower. I wait in the bedroom. After a few minutes he enters, wearing just the towel hanging loosely around his waist. I go to him and we kiss. Soft at first, but the urgency builds quickly. His hand traces up my leg and under my skirt meeting my soft bare behind. I feel his breath catch on my lips. I reach behind and undo the dress. He peals it down revealing my completely naked body. His kiss deepens, the towel comes off and I’m lost. Lost in the moment, the passion, the raw sensation of his lips and his warm naked body firmly pressed against mine. He gently lifts me and we fall onto the bed. His lips move from my gasping mouth to my neck, to my chest, to my breasts and wrap around my erect nipples. I shudder at the sensation, as the tingling and warmness starts to spread between my legs. When he kisses my thighs and starts to tease my clit it takes all my strength not to convulse and buck him off. Unbridled pleasure. He nibbles, sucks and licks every inch of my throbbing pussy until I feel I cannot stand it anymore. I pull him up and flip him over. My turn. I slowly make my way down from his mouth, neck, nipples, stomach. I lick and kiss his thighs, purposely avoiding his big swollen cock throbbing hopefully at me. Not yet I tease. Licking his balls, taking them in my mouth, I look up and see him looking at me, glazed, foggy, in a different place. The outside world no longer existing. I grab a condom and swiftly removed it from the packaging and use my mouth to roll it down his pulsing shaft. I hear him groan. Taking that cue I look up, direct eye contact, and give a seductive lick around the head of his cock, take it in my mouth and start moving up and down. His body’s response and his groaning arouses me further and just eggs me on. Harder, faster. Not able to take it anymore, he reaches down and pulls me up to his mouth. We kiss and he guides my hips over his hard cock. When he enters me, the stretching fullness is almost overwhelming. I groan and my clit instantly starts to throb. He forces my hips back and forward, building in speed. The sensation is incredible and I feel myself getting lost in the pleasure. My arousal heightens and everything is slippery and wet. I quickly feel my orgasm building. I ride harder and harder until I explode, quivering around his rock hard cock. Obviously on the edge of his own orgasm, Mr X flips my quivering body over and effortlessly enters me hard from behind. The force instantly brings back my climax. I cry out in pleasure. I then feel his cock harden and pulse as he comes with massive intensity while deep inside me. We collapse beside each other. I then lay on his chest and enjoy the closeness.

A simple session, but perfect in its simplicity. I love my job.

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