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People often ask me what I want or what I like in my intimate encounters, which is in some ways a terribly easy and in other ways a terribly difficult question to answer.
I could tell you about a date that I loved – I will, in fact! But that doesn’t really answer the question for a gentleman sincerely wishing to enjoy a mutually pleasurable evening together. Of course, there are some broad brush strokes which are easy – respect, communication, humour, chemistry. But the thing is – what I like is different with different people. No two clients are the same, and what works with you might feel awkward or insincere if a different person tried to replicate it. In one circumstance a slow, sensual encounter filled with pillow talk and humour might make my eyes sparkle for days. The very next day, a quick, passionate romp with next to no talking might float my boat.

And even that does not exist in a vacuum. We’re two individual people, coming together to enjoy sex and connect on some level. Of course we influence each other and the type of encounter that feels right in the moment. From the very first kiss hello, we’re (hopefully) reading each other and responding to what we read.

But in trying to give you some basic guidelines….let me describe a lovely date that I had recently. The gentlemen in question had booked me a couple of weeks in advance to fit in with his travel schedule, which is perfect for me. I like being organised and having time to anticipate a date! His booking request provided all the information that I need – preferred date and time, length of booking, name and upon confirmation, he paid the deposit promptly. This meant all the admin was out of the way and I could just focus on what our evening together would be like.

We met in his hotel room and fell into easy conversation over a glass of crisp white wine. One-on-one conversations are my favourite thing – we are all such unique, interesting creatures and there is almost always something that we can connect over and share a laugh or a story in common.

Sipping wine and chatting naturally led to sensual touching, and a luxurious, un-rushed intimate encounter, starting on the couch and moving to the bedroom. And while every date is different, I CAN reveal that I am particularly fond of:

• Neck kissing
• Naturally occurring dirty talk
• Good kissing
• Clients who help with putting condoms on!!
• Anything from behind (DATY, FS, neck kissing, back kissing….)

We ended the evening with another glass of wine naked on the couch, with some easy conversation and the promise of a second date on his next trip to Melbourne. The two hours went way too quickly and I am looking forward to connecting with him again next month (if you are reading this, thank you, J, for a most enjoyable date!).

If this sounds like the type of date you would enjoy – responsive and tailored to match the two of us, together - please get in touch and make a booking! You can find my availability a month or so in advance on Scarlet Blue.

Love and kisses,
Ellie xox

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