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So, I can finally say I have been on a wine tasting tour - woohoo! I have been here a few years and had still not gotten my little booty to the gorgeous hills of the Yarra Valley. Oh, and I loved it, obviously... who wouldn't? Wine, beautiful scenery, yummy food, and being a chocolate fiend, I made a bee line for the chocolate factory.

I have had friends visiting so the top of her to-do list whilst in Victoria was WINE WINE WINE. She, a lot like I do, have our priorities straight hehe;) We organised a tour with a few other of our friends and visited four wineries in total plus the chocolate factory. What a great day out! Lots of giggles shared, wine consumed, and most importantly soul replenished ahhhhhh.

The first winery we arrived at was Yering Station, and I thought I was a little quick to be committing to a purchase of a bottle so early on and also being sober - but I did. I was thinking to myself …slippery slope Dani… But it was definitely a wise purchase. I wasn't expecting to taste such yumminess that came in the form of something pink and sparkly. I thought to myself I GOT TO HAVE IT!

Next, we headed to Chandon and what a gorgeous setting. I could totally live there, amongst the wine and rolling hills. I just do not get out of the city enough… So here I was on my best behaviour and didn't buy anymore wine, even though I was feeling quite tipsy by then (it doesn't take me much hehe!).

So, the next two wineries I have forgotten the names of…. buuuuuut high-light of my life was visiting a chocolate factory. Yep you guessed it - I got me some of that sweet stuff! There are not many people I know that like Turkish Delights, and I absolutely adore them. I picked up a packet and they lasted me all of two seconds. BEST THING I HAVE PUT IN MY MOUTH EVER hahahaha! Luckily, I didn't have to share as nobody likes them. Only regret of the whole day, was not buying more. I dare not see if they sell them online, I think I would quite easily spend my student fees on chocolate Turkish delights…

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