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Loving this Australian Summer… to a point! This heat is getting to me big time! I am suffering with no air-con in the house (I know first world problems). Coming home of an evening, the house is like an oven urghhhh. I think no matter how many hot as hell summers I experience, I will never ever get used to this sweltering heat. I have been told repeatedly that these past few months haven’t even been that hot…Oh reallllly?? For me a summer is a lucky spell of four days in a row of the mercury hitting a high of 24 degrees. Back home we all get excited, whipping our legs out ready to get our tan ON!! We know we better make the most of the sun as we may not get the chance to experience it for a good whole year ha-ha.

Luckily here we are blessed with pools to play in, which does happen to be one of my favourite things to do here in the summer. I definitely no water baby, but I have to cool off somehow;) Packing up a little bite to eat and a book, and I am ready for some pool time. That is something you definitely do not get to enjoy in the UK. It is a novelty to me, that I can guarantee will never get old or boring for me… Who doesn’t love a dip in a gorgeously cool pool in the summer heat? It really does give me life! Stretching out and cooling off, getting a cute tan, getting your healthy dose of vitamin D… That is something you definitely don’t manage to take advantage of in the UK!

But this summer I actually haven’t managed to get to have some fun pool time, I just haven’t had the time… So, in the mean-time here is a little shower selfie – just me cooling off but in the privacy of my own hot, aircon-less house!! Pool time pictures coming soon…

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