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I thought I would drop in and say hello, and maybe in doing so you may get a little insight into my world. It is a pretty normal life I lead, just the same as you, loving coffee to wake up to, having a job to go to (although I am freelance so I get to work at home in my pj’s), enjoying dinner with friends, and drinks whenever I can squeeze them in! Although it is a normal life I lead, I also have another life… the secret double life I lead escorting.

Everyone has their reasons for delving into this world, and the main reason is the freedom it allows us to have. With the extra pocket money, we are able to broaden our horizons, build a better life for ourselves in giving us the opportunities to do things, and achieve things we may not have been able to do so. In my case to put myself through University, my Masters to be exact. When I start my Masters in February, it doesn’t allow for me to have the time for a job when I have placements, and the study load is insane! So, when I am able to play it helps me no end and it enables me to LET OFF SOME STEAM and I love it ha-ha!

But with this secret double life, none of my friends know. It is not that I am ashamed of this at all, but you can’t control people’s reactions to it! I imagine my friends would be really relaxed and intrigued about it, but for now, I feel happier to keep it to myself. So that means me, making and putting in to place cover stories here and there. It’s not easy, and I am a terrible liar… I mumble over my words, I just can’t think straight ha-ha! So that is why I need advanced warning for any booking, I need to plan my escape ahead of time if we are to meet;)

Love Dani xx

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