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Hi guys!
I have had quite a number of people contact me, intrigued by the world of DDlg and curious to know what it involves so here is a little introduction.

DDlg stands for Daddy Dom/little girl. It is a sub-branch of BDSM in which one half of the relationship is the caregiver/dominant and the other is the childlike/submissive. The dominant role is called the Caregiver, while the submissive is called the little (hence my name Daddy's little pepper).

There are often a lot of misconceptions about the DDlg community. Many people find it wrong and disturbing, but it is really just a dynamic of BDSM with more childlike mentalities between consenting adults. It is not a relationship between an actual father and daughter (or mother and son) or any act involving a minor. A caregiver is a parental figure or an influence on the little. While the caregiver may be the dominant, DDlg relationships require more love, support, care, and guidance rather than the sterotypical view of a "Dominant" ie: forceful, domineering, controlling etc. Most Daddy Doms are into taking good care of their little, giving them unconditional love. Littles tend to enjoy love and care from their Daddy, which they will receive constantly without fail.
There are different types of littles ie - kitten (wants to be pet all the time), crybaby (is sensitive), or babygirl (is bratty and secretly likes punishments). I am a babygirl of course and it shows!

DDlg dynamics vary. Some relationships are sexual, while others might not be; some involve ageplay. It can involve play with things such as stuffed animals, bed-time stories, colouring (ageplay), along with BDSM aspects such as limits, punishments, etc. A DDlg relationship will generally include rules that the little has to follow and if they are good they will be treated to nice activities and treats; if they are bad they can be subjected to punishments or activities the dominant knows the little does not like to do. There are many different preferences in a DDlg dynamic, which is why communication is so important.

Like many kinks, there is a strong component of mental stimulation in DDlg play, which I find fascinating and so incredibly exciting! It is not a GFE or PSE. It also goes alot deeper than role play. It is a lifestyle. It is not merely me calling you Daddy while we play... that would be pretty boring! I hope after reading this, you will have some idea of what DDlg play involes. Introducing people to the DDlg lifestyle and seeing how their minds are blown makes me so happy and I just love sharing it!

Lastly, remember that you only deserve your littles' submission when you make her feel like your princess... x

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