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"I felt it was time to play. Most of my thoughts, time and energy had gone into creative effort. And this restriction of the love drive, the headshrinkers will tell you, is the greatest urge one really has." - Mae West

I read those words and stopped. Then as my eyes glanced around me, I saw heads cast downwards, inward and away from the reality surrounding them, involved in worlds maybe far from their own. Immersed in something, somewhere giving them a quick ride to elsewhere. Connecting to people, material things, emotions, love perhaps, all at a distance, even avoiding what was right in front of them. To be frank, I've been there till I could no longer bare it - something was missing. Play, romance, pleasure... an intense burn to disconnect so that I could really connect again.

It's so easy to avoid the world surrounding us and to connect to something distant - A 'reality' that is often the fallacy of another's life. One where we continue going to, wishing, hoping that the same shall come our way. Usually, we start cutting corners in search of satisfaction, focusing our minds on the quick fix, a bandaid, and ignore the fire that's building within us. A desire. A need that burns, until we reach a point...

We want the contentment, the exhilaration and the pleasure of being truly alive.

How did we lose touch with ourselves, others? How did we become so focused on the trivial things - the unnecessary, the people approving our lives, the way they see it from their side of the tracks - that we forgot what we really need to feed our own heart and soul.

Without connecting to ourselves, to our truth of who we are, life is grey, uninteresting and ordinary.

Finding happiness and pleasure is about being in the here and now. It's about deciding to do something about the discontent, not just wishing our lives away. It's about pausing, avoiding rushing through life and allowing our yearning for more to propel us towards a better life. A life in technicolour.

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