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Firstly, I want to thank the Scarlet Blue community, ladies and gentleman that peruse and support all new escorts. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Stepping into this world was a path that I honestly did not expect. A millennial in her 20's pondering through life and trying to work out where I wanted to go and who I wished to become. Through a 4-year science degree that challenged me to my core exploring the world of higher education, I begun to explore my sexuality with gentleman from all walks of life.

Through this exploration, I was enlightened to areas such as voyeurism, exhibition, domination/submissive play, role play, sensual massage and financial domination. Thus, I was hooked into the wide world of sex. Through sugar daddies, brothels, online cam modelling and porn shoots, I landed here.. in the world of being an independent escort. Although I've only been in the industry for less than a year, I know that finally this is the place for me.

So, who am I?
Clarissa Paige is a well-spoken, quick-witted woman with a devil tongue. Happy to exchange cheeky remarks back-and-forth till you give in and admit defeat. Clarissa is a lady with an hour glass figure and an ass that has stemmed from my love of powerlifting and strength training.

Clarissa loves lingerie, garters and thigh highs in particular, paired with a high waisted black skirt and white blouse is my signature work attire. Make-up is a passion and I adore exploring different looks from a full glam face, down to a natural summery glow. I follow a dairy-free, gluten-free lifestyle but still enjoy indulging on a dinner date!

For those gentleman that have already experienced Clarissa Paige, you would have noticed that I do have quite an array of tattoos and piercings delicately found up and down my body.
Why don't I showcase my tattoos in photos? Honestly, I prefer it to be a fun surprise. Something to break the ice, an easy way for you to touch and travel up and down my soft body.

Establishing myself as a business woman, an accountant, a therapist, a friend and a lover is all I wish to be and more. More than anything, I wish to be your personal escape, breath of fresh air. I hope you get to meet Clarissa Paige and enjoy my company.

Sincerely yours, Clarissa x

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