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"You're too expensive for me" - Price or Cost?

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You're probably wondering now that what is the difference between price and cost, and aren't they the same thing?

They're not.

The definition of price is the amount of money that has to be paid to acquire something; whereas cost is the long term investment into that item. Long term investment you asked? "Bullcrap, seeing an escort is not a long term investment, it's short term pleasure!" exclaims your other head.

Let me explain.

When an escort charges $600/hr, $1000/hr, or $50/hr, that is price. The value that the escort gives you for price, is cost. For example:
Scenario 1 - if you pay $650/hr and leave happier and satisfied, this emotion reflects on your work or business, your friends, and your family. You tend to treat the people around you better, perform better in your job, and attract more positive clients for your business when you're happy. That $650 you've spent on someone brought you back more prosperity in return. If this is not a good investment, I don't know what is.

Scenario 2 - Hypothetically, if you pay $50/hr, your wallet will thank you obviously. However, if the service was sub-par and the worker wasn't up to "your standards" or preference, you'd leave unsatisfied. You might not notice it, but you would definitely not be a better husband, friend, father, mother, daughter, co-worker, boss etc if you're unhappy. The actual cost of that $50 that you spent is definitely what an accountant would call a "loss".

Now, don't get me wrong, a worker's rate does not reflect the value you will be getting from them based on pricing. If you can get scenario 1 with $50/hr, by all means continue with what you're doing. However, we all know that logically, in order to maintain a certain standard, there are many hidden costs involved in maintenance that many are unaware of (blog post about that coming soon!).

The next time when you're thinking whether you should spend your hard-earned money on a worker whose online profile seduced you like no other, ask yourself this: "Am I willing to pay the price now to avoid the cost later?"

Happy punting!


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