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It's my last day in Thailand. I've spent the last two and a half weeks with a consort of twenty other erotic explorers in somatic sex education. Whilst I was certified as a Sexological Bodyworker 3 years ago, the level 2 training has exposed me to further nuances and refinements as I absorbed the 12 hour daily schedule and tips and tricks of other highly skilled professionals. The client led approach informs so much of what I do. Even as a Dominant subtle body cues are noted by my acute attention. In my service as a lover or guide, I am ever watchful, making offers according the unique interests of each individual that connects in my web.

I've been living in a sex positive bubble at a fabulous retreat called 'Wonderland'. I know I've been delaying the reality that around the globe the FOSTA and SESTA legislation changes in the US are wreaking havoc amidst my colleagues. I do hope that as I return to the active arena of work that clients are reaching out to those people that change their lives, the sex workers that provide the much needed intimacy and satisfaction that is often missing from life.

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