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I ve recently had the pleasure of visiting Toowoomba where I met some lovely gentleman. As Im currently living regionally its difficult to get away sometimes. During planning my visit I had multiple pre bookings most of which fell through on the day due to whatever reason. I expected some bookings to cancel naturally but most of the bookings which I had re-messaged and even tried to call to receive phone numbers not available, was just unacceptable. I was most surprised by the ignorance of some clients that happily booked my valuable time then didn't bother to answer me prior to booking. One booked an hour before and then didn't respond prior to at all.

Yes I understand people have a change of plans especially on a Saturday however in my books if you can't make an apt its simply a matter of sending a quick message. My time schedule completely changed on this day however it worked out well due to my adaptability and quick responses. I don't see why just because you've booked an escort its ACCEPTABLE to just ignore a confirmation msg or call, its really not on. If you have interest in booking make sure you are available or atleast let them know if you can't make it for whatever reason. I don't care if you cancel just have some common courtesy as my time is just as valuable as yours. Im not a complainer however just needed to get this off my chest for now! I look forward to my next tour and will try to will hopefully work out a way to sift through the time wasters.

Peace and Love,
Charlie X

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