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The life of a nymphomaniac chapter 1

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To tell you my story I have to take you back in time to 1998 when I was a little girl. I have always had a attraction to men and there smell, touch, walk and what hung between there legs. My every waking and sleeping moment is thinking about a mans touch, kiss, smell and the feel of them inside of me. I think about sex even before life needing necessities like food and water. So from the age of 9 years old i have seen sexual content in everything I look at. This includes what I can use for sexual pleasure, where I can have sex, who I can have sex with (male or female). the smell and touch of another gorgeous woman is as sexually alluring as that of a handsome man. The sad side to the curse, problem, affliction or what other name you wish to call it by. It can be lonely world when your life is consumed with sex. Sex is like oxygen for my body to function, it is extremely difficult to have a monogamous relationship with one man as one man cannot keep up with a nymphomaniac sex drive, needs and requirements. he may be the perfect partner in every other way - loving,caring, supportive, sympathetic, empathetic but then it comes to the intimate side of the relationship even if he has a high sex drive he can't for all the want of trying keep up with a insatiable nymphomaniac. The nymphomaniac woman is labelled in society as a freak of nature, you get a lovely titles like "SLUT", "WHORE", "SKANK" and other name they can think of at the time. we are segregated a lot because we don't fit under societies normal woman banner so in society there are 4 groups of woman. 1/ The woman that could't care less if she has sex today or whenever. 2/ The average woman that has sex every now and then even when in a relationship and doesn't care about the quantity and quality of the sex. 3/ The high sex drive woman that loves sex more regularly maybe every day or several times a week and looks for quantity and quality of sex. 4/ Then there is the nymphomaniac woman - ME- she is insatiable. her every waking moment is driven by sex. she just craves the touch, smell and sexual attraction of a man. sex is her drug, she gets high on it, seeing a man in total ecstasy at her sexuality drives her harder. This is why i'm a escort.
Chapter 2 to come soon.

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