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What Goes on in the Boudoir

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Sometimes clients, especially those new to an experience with an escort, are not sure of what to expect, they can be very nervous and are visibly uncomfortable initially, trembling top lip, not sure of where to look, wandering in checking out their surroundings and not quite sure of what their next move should be.

This article is designed to put you at ease and give you a glimpse into our world.

We too are not sure of who you are, however we are expert at the art of seducing and making you feel relaxed and to impress upon you that you, your importance to us.

Speaking for myself, of course, my maturity gives me an edge and a confidence that comes with experience and acceptance of my own imperfections, accepting them as unique. So many young people of today, I see as flawless and yet they are dissatisfied and carry with them hang-ups and insecurity, sometimes, allowing themselves to be bullied or persuaded to follow the ridiculous trend of Botox or plastic surgery.

Of course, some have a genuine need of this so please, do not feel that I am criticizing those who do follow this path but most of you really do not need to have these procedures done.

Entering into the boudoir my client is greeted with respect and familiarity and a girlfriend experience welcome if that is what you are after, conversation is important.

Money should always be settled immediately, it feels horrible to leave that to the end of the meeting, after such a good time, it just feels tacky afterwards that’s all, so please have the correct funds available in the currency of the country you are in. I was once given Chinese dollars, it was unsettling as I had to work out a quick conversion in my head, and at the money exchange I was charged a fee which put me out of pocket and took up precious time, and therefore, please have the money ready and provide at the very beginning so we do not need to ask for it.

Some guys love to talk or prefer a relaxing massage and generally you know from early on, by asking questions of what they like. It’s all about the client, not ourselves, however mostly the client wants to please us as well.

For those who want more intimacy of the GFE, you can quickly tell, even before you offer them to take a refreshing shower, they love to be greeted with a warm and passionate kiss.

You can always tell whether the client wants to take the lead, and I feel that you never just rip off your clothes immediately, you almost just progress with the client’s unspoken desire.

My GFE often leads into a lustful PSE, it just depends on the client’s mood or desire, take a little coaxing, persuasion or softly asking if they want this or that, they either eagerly say yes or else suggest an alternative move.

Quite often, but not always, the client loves to give me personal satisfaction which of course I love, sometimes they are so good that I’m sure they feel I should be paying them!

To-date I’ve enjoyed my encounters, all unique, all interesting and I’m grateful to each and every one of you, after all, remember, I do believe I’m the oldest escort on this site and enjoying my time as long as it lasts.

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