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I am all for healthy competition, and have no problem with that whatsoever. I love to encourage my peers to soar and their success is my success.

The problem I have is that I do believe that there are people around who are trying to stamp out their competition, doing their best to get rid of independent girls, by making our lives very difficult.

This is my summation but, if this is not the case, then the perpetrators could be self-righteous religious freaks trying to make our lives hell, or else, some of it could be young or stupid pranksters thinking they are very funny. However, my nemesis, and I am sure that I’m not be the only person experiencing this, is that there are people who call, text or bother us with no intent but to annoy and waste our time. Or else they book you with no intention of keeping their appointment.

It is very frustrating and I would like to say to all the genuine people reading this is, the best thing to do when making a booking is to get straight to the point. If you are aware that we sometimes are very sceptical then you would understand why, no we do not have attitude, no we are not having a bad day, no we are not feeling superior in any way and no we are not so busy that we could not be bothered with you.

Quite often I have blocked someone and I just hope that person that I had blocked was not a genuine client, for that I am sorry, but the reason would have been you acted like the fraudsters and hoaxing idiots that have wasted our precious time in the past.

As a genuine person wanting to make a booking, you would have read our advertisement or profile and you would be calling knowing exactly what we offer, you would be aware of our prices and generally you already know roughly when we are available. You are calling with the intention of making a booking to see us, and not wanting to continually talk or text and make conversation and promise the world and deliver nothing.

All we really want to discuss is how and when you will be seeing us and to find out whether we can arrange a mutually convenient time to meet, otherwise we may come across as quite rude or annoyed. Please do not take this personally, I would suggest that you keep persisting getting straight to the point otherwise you may miss out on a great girl and end up with the shonky competition or someone from the brothel who is setting us up for failure.

We are fantastic girls with empathy, passion and talent, but competing in a very dark industry where charlatans and fraudsters are running rife.

Therefore, our preferred contact is as follows:

Hi Mrs Jones.

Are you free tomorrow night at 8.00pm for an hour? I confirm I will have $600 cash and would love to see you, if not, when is your earliest available time? Additionally, where in the CBD are your located? kind regards, Kent.

My answer:

Hi Kent.

Nice to hear from you! I am free tomorrow night at 8.00pm, I am located near Woolloomooloo Bay Hotel. I have pencilled you in for 8.00pm, please confirm? Once you arrive at the Woolloomooloo Bay Hotel, be on foot and please call me, I will direct you to my apartment. Looking forward to seeing you, kind regards, Cathryn.

Anyway, here are a few opening lines that I loathe:

• Pictures of your penis is a definite no no for a start.
• Hey, can you send me a photo of you now so I know it is you please?
• Hey, do you offer natural services?
• How old are you, how much do you charge?
• Hey !!
• Hi babe, I love your ad I think I need your help.
• Hey, are you Mrs Jones?
• Hey, how old are you, do you like younger men??
• Wanna play?
• Hi, how old are you?
• Greek babe?
• Hi, are you free and do you do golden showers?

All of the above indicate THEY HAVE NOT READ MY AD and are just mucking around. Additionally, when I say please read my ad, all information is on there, they ask for the link to my ad, and continually toing and froing with texts and then not making a booking anyway is what I mean about wasting time.

Honestly, we have busy lives just as you do, and getting straight to the point just makes our lives so much easier, and yours too I must admit.

Thanks for reading darling, you are one in a million.

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