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My First Day on Scarlet Blue

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Australia Day marks my very first day with a profile on this wonderful site, Scarlet Blue.

Being an escort is also relatively new to me, a couple of years now! An exciting new venture with no regrets

My first passion is writing and I am so pleased I am now able to do some scribblings on this site and share some of my experiences and talk candidly to like-minded people and I trust I can value add, share and inspire other people on my journey.

It’s ironic really, where I am today. I must say that it was a famous, elegant, beautiful and high-class escort that was the catalyst for me, but that is another story for another time, however well before that point I had already decided escorting is what I wanted to do.

It’s funny once you have a goal and determination, you can make anything happen.

I was brave enough to discuss the idea with my best girlfriend and after a long discussion I found that she too fantasised about escorting herself she gave me her set of videos “Diary of a high class escort” with Billy Piper. I watched and enjoyed the series.

My Executive job was killing me, I felt trapped inside my office, looking out of the expansive windows at the sunny Sydney streets, thinking there has to be a better life.

So here I am, only a few short years later, looking out of my window at the boats bobbing on the dull rippling water, with Australian flags flickering and dancing to my happy song, and the days are my own.

I am entertaining, listening and pleasing, thatI know how to do best. Isn’t it fantastic when in the corporate world, pleasing people was looked at as a weakness, bullying was rife and job satisfaction was nil. Now, I see a smile of satisfaction on my clients faces. I feel empowered, I am rewarded by a big thank you sp much I had a great time.

What a business, I love it.

Therefore, to all you gorgeous guys out there, believe you are just that, and remember you deserve some relaxation yourselves after all that hard labour and caring for others. Enjoy some TLC and do not feel guilty about it, I sure as hell do not!!

Life is to be enjoyed. Do what you love and hope to see you soon.

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