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My feet

Before this industry I did not truly realise the importance of feet. Well they are important to get across the street, to keep you up and to kick a ball around, but that was about it.

I love Quentin Tarantino movies, I have watched his movies over and over and enjoy the reference to feet in the movies. I believe Quentin had a foot fetish, but I had not really thought carefully about it. I was of the impression at that time, that Quentin simply loved feet and enjoyed featuring them in his films.

I get questioned about feet on many occasions now. One of my foot fetish clients was amazing to say the least. He was young, of course, he was in his 30’s, a professional and I liked the look of him. For most of the time that I spend with him, he played with my feet, but interestingly he held me down firmly and tickled my feet for a very long time. I giggled, laughed, squirmed a great deal and wriggled into the most interesting of positions. We stopped for a while, had drinks, talked and then his attention went back to my feet.

My feet played with him, spoke to him in ways others would not be spoken to. My toe nails were clean, evenly manicured and adorned with pretty coloured paint. They were smooth and sweet smelling, they were playful, sensual and nimble. My feet only at those times are expert at all things other than adorning elegant brightly coloured or otherwise, sky high heels, walking the busy Sydney streets or paddling in the sandy beaches and swimming pools, but a fine and elegant tool to satisfy the most discerning gentleman who has a thing for those things simply called feet.

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