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Kent is gorgeous, he is in his late 30’s, my longest standing regular and consequently, I would love to share a few insights about him.

I call him Kent but of course this is not his real name. I have chosen this name because the last time I saw him, I said to him, “I hope you get back to your job in Kent Street quickly from here, I would hate it if you’re late”.

This was on account that I had moved and was located a little further away from where I thought he worked, in Kent Street. He said, quite puzzled, “Kent Street?”

“Gosh I thought that’s where you work?” I asked, chuffed and a little concerned.

With a puzzled look on his face, he said, “No, near there”.

I must have confused him with someone else.


Listen properly, and if you are unable to remember, jot relevant information about your client in your diary. It is paramount in dealings with anyone for that matter to remember things they have told you, so listening is the key. People need to feel that they are important to you.

Gosh Kent’s body is a serious No. 10, this is not an exaggeration! He is divinely tanned this summer and has a great big asset he knows how to use. He is generous with his attention to me and because of that I give him my appreciation with a tiny discount.


Never discount unless you find a Kent. LOL only kidding, that is entirely up to you. I must admit Kent is the only person I give a discount to, I must have had a big moment of a lapse in concentration.

I have missed Kent a few times, gosh it’s a busy life with the additional responsibilities of grand kids who need attention, and therefore I’m not always around.

Brings me to another point, funny how people think you are languishing around in the tiny hours of the night waiting for their call, sometimes I get called at 3.00am. Amazing time to be calling, I’d love to get your opinion on that, is this a bit disrespectful?


Get a regular, it’s more fun to try different things and get more comfortable, the more I see Kent, the more we explore and the more we enjoy.

I find the intrigue amazing when expecting a new client, however having someone you have seen before definitely has its benefits as well, knowing what to expect, what he likes and his reliability. Kent is worth seeing again and again. It is after all, so lovely having someone you look forward to seeing.

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