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Many years ago, I had many short sighted and preconceived opinions about, well, just about everything. After years of life’s lessons and experiences my ideas of what may or may not be acceptable in society are were very different today. I had a low opinion of escorts, and when I became aware of my husband’s friends visiting brothels I was judgmental and disgusted.

I was brought up in a very strict religious environment. I was brain washed about what was against God’s will. Sex before marriage, adultery and loose sex such as one night stands were punishable by God, to the likes you would not even want to imagine. The same applied to swearing, using God’s name in vain and gay people.

I saw my loose peers gain the best eligible bachelors, regardless of their promiscuity, but rather because of it. I am sure when the young men of my day, who lured over my shapely body with my long shapely legs in my tiny little miniskirts, and me with my head in the clouds giving them nothing but disdain, must have thought what an untouchable stuck up little bitch I must have been. I never swore and could not understand how people could be gay.

I was the type of person who did not want to offend people and was always ready to please even back then, so saying no was very difficult for me. I found myself saying yes to all requests for dates even if I was not really interested in the guy, and after persuasive coercion into getting into the back seat, saying no to sex was mostly ever accepted, and therefore most of my encounters I believed to be sex without my consent.

So, what happened between being young prude to exciting invigorated older girl? Letting go of debilitating ideas of what is wrong and right. Realising that religion actually is the cause of a lot of misery in our lifetime and throughout history. I realise that allowing other people to live their own lives and not being judgmental is the key to liberation. Additionally, I realise that the simple art of not give a fuck is so refreshing to me. I really don’t give a fuck about what people think of me any longer, and God can accept me for who I am as well, as I do not hurt, steal or violate anybody, and I know as long as I am doing the right thing by people I am doing OK, so let me go about my own life, please.

Now at a mature age, younger men are interested in me, so I felt, entertaining them as an escort would be enjoyable and empowering, if only I had this empowerment in my younger years.

What I am trying to say is that if someone like me can finally after all these years, not only change my closed mind to a more liberal way of thinking, but join the liberated, there is hope for others to change their opinion of escorts as well.

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