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At the age of 61, I am quite confident in assuming that I am the oldest escort on Scarlet Blue.

So, what is it like to be a mature escort?

Let me say, that as a young person, I was desirable, I had a curvy and shapely body, and very lucky to have beautiful legs. Always, even when glum or when things did not go my way, I had an appealing smile on my face. I had the ability to wear stylish and beautiful clothes, many of which showed off my greatest assets, I attracted a lot of attention and loved it.

Nowadays things are quite different, and don’t get me wrong, I take good care of myself and continue to be the same person I was in my youth, in that I continue to be happy and friendly and dress nicely but obviously I am no longer a young spring filly.

I do have a great number of younger girlfriends, all beautiful, and walking alongside them I see the same attention given to them as I enjoyed in my younger years.

However, surprisingly, I find that I have many younger male friends (and admirers), and of course I was wondering why? I was thinking perhaps they wanted good conversation? Or else, perhaps they perceived me to be a rich lady and perhaps were after money? Or perhaps just because they love my company, or could it have simply been because of the result of reading The Secret and my complete mindset had changed?

I was attracting what I was putting out into the universe the vibe if you like, I was saying to myself, “I am getting younger and younger every day, I am desired by young men, money is coming my way and I do not even know where it is coming from, it is just coming into my bank account”. I set the scene for the magical power of attraction and I did not really know at the time how it would all pan out for me, I had not become an escort, I had not attracted younger men into my life, but magically it all just unfolded before me.

Just imagine, young guys taking me out for nothing but bike rides, enjoying the latest movies, frequenting coffee shops, partaking in lots of conversation covering topics ranging from motor spots, the economy, immigration, American politics from current day to JFK, and scouring antique shops, book shops and quaint and interesting wineries. They made me active, made me feel so young and life was exciting again.

In any case, to my complete surprise, once I became an escort, the average age of my clientele is 30!! But not just 30. Without exception, these guys have great bodies, good looking and although sometimes shy or nervous, they are guys of great personality and character.

Yes, from time to time I see older men, more my age, and yes, I absolutely enjoy their company, quite different to the younger guys, a better understanding of the music of our era, and conversation is very different as well.

Why would I not enjoy, at my age, the fun, activity and youth vitality that has come my way? I know these guys appreciate me because they are willing to pay for my company when they can get anybody they want for free at any time they like.

I love you all, you make my day.

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