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I’ve been thinking a great deal about people who get in touch with questions and I’m constantly baffled by many. Did you read my advertisement because I’m pretty sure you have. I appreciate you visiting my profile, I really do. I’ve caught your attention… Cathryn Jones wonder what she prov...
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So I stayed at the Sage Hotel located on the beach in Wollongong very close to the Win Stadium. Let me say I love Wollongong and the Wollongong boys! I never tire of Wollongong beach either, including the harbour and the food on offer. Freshly caught fish to die for, eaten with ocean views, mu...
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The hot tip

Fitzy from Big Brother fame was always giving his latest “hot tip”, this is mine. Stop mucking around already. With “hi”, “hey” or else, “you’re not 65”, “send me your pic”, “what are you doing now”, “how are you”, “do you do anal”, “do you do role play”, “what colour undies are you wearing righ...
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“I’d actually even try chastity for you if it helped your fun and happiness and teasing”. — Client Anthony, in text, 1 June 2021 Thinking back to my strict religious upbringing I thought in my youth that rejecting impure sexuality was a badge of honour. The biblical teachings drummed into us...
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A friend of mine told me how shocked she was when her husband revealed that he fantasies about watching another man make love to her while he is hiding and watching. She said the thought excites him and he had hinted on whether she’d be interested in acting the scenario out for him. I’m not c...
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A virtual GFE. Wow isn’t it amazing using technology now to keep the heat up either in between our steamy sessions together or as an ultimate experience as a newcomer. A fantastic way to stay connected and build anticipation whether we’ve seen each other or not. I like to begin with something sim...
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Absolutely honesty darling let me tell you something which is my belief. I’m not a Physcologist so who the hell knows but here goes.... Intimacy is closeness between people in personal relationships but contrary to popular belief I think it's not only what builds over time as you connect with so...
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My passion for Tarantino movies first drew my attention to a thing called “foot fetish”. Many years ago my husband said “Do you realise Tarantino has a foot fetish, that’s why you see so many feet featured in his films”. Well no I didn’t know that. I’ve watched every single Tarantino film...
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You like to watch porn, I bet it gets you going. There’s plenty of it available these days but so annoying to try and find something worth watching. I’m pretty sure women are interested in watching saucy and decent material if only you could find something that can catch her interest. Something t...
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My daily gratitude in a nutshell.... “I’m grateful for you and our get togethers whether brief or not”. I’m so very grateful for having met you and for your payment for your gratitude. I’m grateful I’m happy, healthy and in the zone. Grateful for the now. My gratitude is in the awarene...
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The art lover I am has brought out my own artistic expression in many ways, including the art of sensuality. Beauty in all it’s form in it’s expression and performance is accepting what is different, spiritual and unusual. When you open your mind and look at art forms expressed by others or na...
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To you darlings following my diary, hello once again! Two years ago I took what was initially going to be a short break of three months or more whilst I toured Europe, and what a trip that turned out to be. For the most part I hired my own car, which gave me the flexibility to drive to whereve...
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The Beach

I simply love the beach, even on a dull day there is something magical about it. I am writing about something I do not see a lot, but something I love. Firstly, let it be known, I am, and have always been, heterosexual, I have no interest in girls, couples or anything other than guys, I love them wi...
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Bad Boys

Question, why are we drawn to them? I see the best girls hanging out with bad boys, deserving better and yet here they are with the bad boys. Is it the bad boy’s naughty streak, their attitude, their risky behaviour that attracts us? After my recent article “Grieving a Narcissist”, I started thi...
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Boat Boy

I just love it that boat boy keeps coming back. Without saying too much, I would really like to see this guy every week. He gives the best orgasms ever. OMG, I am a woman in her 60’s, here is this gorgeous bronzed, muscular, sexy, beautiful personality and sexy guy giving me pleasure of the highest...
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