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Losing our virginity is often seen as a right of passage with most people having their first sexual encounter in their teens or early 20s. There is a however group of people who through either through choice or lack of opportunity, remain a virgin into later life. Some virgins see their virginity is a badge of honor, they are proud of it, they are waiting for that special person, and that is great. Others are not intentionally waiting, they want to lose their virginity, but for whatever reason they haven't had the opportunity, they don't want to be a virgin and in some cases their virginity is a source of embarrassment or shame. This is a problem.

For those people who are not intentionally remaining a virgin, sex can be an uncomfortable subject. Many (especially men) are afraid to admit they are a virgin. They feel they may be laughed at, ridiculed, excluded or felt sorry for by their peers. For some being a virgin inhibits them in relationships or on dates, because they are afraid if they do take things to the next level and have sex that they won't know what to do. The situation becomes a bit of a catch 22, I want to lose my virginity but, I am afraid to. This is where visiting an escort can help.

An escort can help guide a person through their first sexual experience, an escort has confidence and experience in the bedroom so can not only communicate how she likes to be pleasured, but she can show a person the easiest most pleasurable way to do things. An escort will be relaxed in the bedroom and this often helps their client to relax. Some people would argue that it is wrong, they wouldn't feel right losing their virginity to an escort or they would feel funny paying for it. Of course seeing an escort isn't right for everyone, I would however ask two questions:
(1) If you were going mountain climbing for the first time, would you rather go with a friend that has been climbing a few times or with a professional guide who has been climbing for years? (2) Would you feel funny about paying your mountaineering guide for her/his services?

I will leave you until my next diary entry with that to ponder upon..

As a side note if you are someone who is looking to lose your virginity and considering booking an escort there are many lovely ladies(and gentlemen) to choose from on the Scarlet Blue website. My advice would be to pick someone you feel you could talk to, perhaps someone who you have something in common with or someone who sounds compassionate and understanding. Don't be afraid to explain your situation to the escort you choose, the more she knows about you the more help she can be, believe me she has heard it all! (I have experience with and welcome clients who are virgins.)

Catherine Belle xoxo

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