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Getting or maintaining an erection

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If you are worried about your ability to maintain or get an erection. If you keep saying to yourself 'I won't be able to get/maintain an erection' or if you have an image of yourself not succeeding in getting/maintaining an erection.
Then you are actually increasing the chances of the very thing you fear. You are increasing your changes of not being able to get/maintain a erection. Why is this?

Firstly you attract what you focus on, this is especially true with body issues. So if your mind is focused on not getting/maintaining an erection your body responds accordingly with a non-erection.

Secondly if you are worrying about not getting/maintaining an erection, you are in your head. You are not being in the moment, in your body. You are not totally feeling the sensations of your partner pleasuring you.

In order to be able to get and maintain a erection you should focus on being in your body, being in the present, and truly experiencing the sensations that are going on in every part of your body. This means NOT thinking about how you are performing, questioning if your partner is enjoying the experience, or wondering what your partner is thinking. When you are in the present moment, in your body, you will know that your partner is enjoying it and you will feel a connection like no other.

If you have problems getting or maintaining an erection my Sex Coaching service could be just what you need. As a coach I work with you to help you overcome the issues you are having around sex and to have the sex life you have been wanting. To find out more contact me or visit my profile.

Love Catherine xoxo

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