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Both terrifying and incredibly exciting!

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I count myself very lucky that I have never had a bad experience with a client. Yes really, perhaps it is because I see very few clients and those I do see I am very carful about.
In the time I have been escorting I have however had various diverse experiences. Sometimes bookings are relaxing, serene, even peaceful, some are full of nervous anticipation, excitement and arousal, others are full of action, surprises, stimulation and laughter! That is what is so fun about this line of work, you never know what to expect. There is nothing like the anticipation of opening the door to an new client not knowing who I am to meet, it is both terrifying and incredibly exciting!

My absolute favorite bookings are those when I and the man I'm with just 'click.' We find that we are kindred spirits, we can talk about anything and we talk about everything and time just flies by. (Sometimes this even happens on the phone prior.) These are those gentlemen that by the time we start to get physical we feel as though we have already known each other intimately for years. These clients ultimately end up as regulars.

Have a beautiful day readers.

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