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A bit more about me and my service....

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I apologise to those loverly gentlemen I have not been able to accomodate over the last couple of days.

Along this line I thought would write a little bit about how I operate as it is a little different from the norm.

I prefer to see a very select number of 'gentlemen friends' and operate on a semi-exclusive basis never seeing more that one gentleman in a day. This way I feel my clientele receive my full attention and 'sensual energy' as a partner would.

The downside of this is that I get booked out quickly, since one booking means my day is booked out. I am studying as well so only work two at the most three days a week. (Sometimes I will list more than three days but I don't ever work more than three days.) I pretty much only operate by advance booking.

I aim to provide a mutually enjoyable, real experience. No play acting here you get the genuine me. This being said I only see clients that are after my kind of service. I would prefer to refer a client to another lady than to take a booking with someone that is after a kind of service I don't provide. I always talk on the phone before taking bookings from new clients and if I don't feel we have some kind of conection I will suget they look elsewhere. I feel that this is beneficial for for both parties. I am to provide the best and most genuine service possible.

If you thing you may be interested in booking me please look through my website. It will give you a good idea of my services, rates and days that I am available to book (I update it each week.)

I do prefer email your initial inquiry. I only answer my phone when I am in a private place to take the call, if I don't answer I suggest you send me an email so as we can work out a time that is convenient for us both to speak on the phone. In you email I would appreciate to know your name and a little about your self. All details you divulge to me will be kept in strict confidence. (As is our whole relationship.)

I hope that this give you a bit more of an idea of what I am about.

Until next time.

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