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Have you ever felt like a chicken nugget?
Squished, flat, what the heck are you?
Salty, tender, sweet and sour sauce...
Dam, they forgot my sweet and sour sauce!
Oh well, what do you expect; they pay them $10 an hour
But I keep going back because DAMMM they some good chicken nuggets.
I will return, no doubt about that.
Them sweet sweet nuggs have me daydreaming for their juicy mysterious chickenness.
You have to be lying to yourself to dismiss such a genius creation.
Remember when chicken nuggets were on special? 24 for $10.
I know you went mad for it, mouth watering as you drove past the sign.
So she forgot your sweet n sour sauce, next time check if it's included, you get what you ask for.

Does anyone even read these diary posts?
Do people actually believe prostitues are all fancy and high class all the time? Wait did I just say prostitute dam I forgot that's not what you call it anymore I mean escorts.
Can I get some appreciation for the Wierd nuggs out there like me, Carla pryce!

Don't worry id never forget your sweet n sour sauce ;)

And for the vegans, just replace nugget with lettuce the metaphor works the same lol

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