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carnivals and candy balls and buttons

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I used to love carnivals, you know the shady "I'll give you three balls, you insert them into my mouth" yeah that type, those clowns really creeped me out plus you'd never win anyway haha.

The fairy floss wasn't so bad I was always disappointed how much it cost, like 5 bucks for a bit of sugar and air, "you can get a block of chocolate from Coles for this price" I thought.

Back to the balls cause we all love a good story about a pair of round ones.
When you would win you'd get a keychain, $10 for a keychain left you dissatisfied about the whole experience like it was good n all playing with the balls but it was all over so fast nobody loves a premature ending to a bit of ball play.

This is worth 2 bucks you'd laugh amongst friends and vow never to play again, each time you do regretting it just the same.

If the game was $2 you'd go more often and leave more satisfied because who doesn't love to play with those balls, but we all know the true cost of a piece of internationally shipped plastic.

The rides were a thrill though like that chair swing always had me on edge as the chain creeked as if it hadn't been oiled in years, "if the chain broke i hope I fall onto that jumping castle and make it out alive to see the big compo claim I could make" but that never happens.

Ahh mabey I'll quit clowns and head over to adult land and try my luck on the whatcha-Ma-call-it yeah the poke button machines, so many colours....yay so much fun, crap $20 gone and where's my damm key chain!

Adulting sux, give me them balls..... hehehe

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