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I've been thinking a lot about the service I offer my clients lately, and how I can improve upon it and add value. There are only so many ways to have good old sex within the boundaries I've set, but to me, good service is also about how you do it and everything else that goes along with it.

I try to be organised before a client arrives for their appointment, there's nothing worse than running around making beds and slapping on makeup last minute leaving both my apartment and myself looking rushed and shabby. I like to create a clean, welcoming environment that looks fresh and professional. Clean towels laid out, shower gel and mouthwash refilled, the bed prepared with fresh sheets, necessary items like massage oil etc all readily at hand, playlist on standby. Basic stuff.

But what about the actual service? Every provider brings something unique to the party as we are all individuals, plus it also comes down to perceived or marketed image: sweet girl next door, mature vixen, hot porn star etc. You provide your service according to that image and within those aforementioned boundaries. So how to improve upon that?

For me, it's partly adding new physical components to my service and partly embracing the soft skills I've developed in this business. By that, I mean capitalising on the things I've learnt about myself and the positive feedback I've had from clients; being unafraid to show a side of myself that I previously might have shied away from. As an example, I'm embracing the many lovely compliments I've had about making people feel comfortable in my presence and allowing them to relax. That was not a skill that was necessary in my former life so I have had to open myself to that. As far as tangible skills, I'm currently studying a diploma of aromatherapy that incorporates massage. I aim to improve upon my current skills and add a little something special to the atmosphere I create and the service I give with little included extras. I'd love for you to come and be a beneficiary!

I hope these things add value and make time spent with me unique and special, a beautiful, quality experience for each and every client, every time.

I hope to see you soon, Cara xx

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