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My Perfect Client -I s it You?

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I had a lovely date recently with a beautiful sweet man who has been following me for a while on Twitter

This particular person told me that he had saved up for quite some time to see me and that he almost didn’t make a booking with me due to the fact that he thought he was ,in his words, ‘too bogan’ for me and he was afraid that he wouldn’t ‘measure up’ in my eyes.
I was very flattered that he saved up and I was his escort of choice but also taken back when he made reference to himself thinking I would perceive him as a bogan
I quickly told him that I have clients that come in all shapes and sizes and from very diverse backgrounds and they are certainly not all perfect which is great because neither am I !

My clients are extremely varied. They are tall, short ,skinny, wealthy ,middle class ,upper class ,disabled , elderly , amputees , various nationalities ,they may be blue collar ,white collar ,chubby ,stout , muscular ...the list goes on. All in all, they are a real motley bunch and even though they are all are very different in appearances and life experience they are very much the same in important ways .They are the same in that they will never haggle my rate , they are never rude and basically when we are together we enjoy each others company and we just have a really great time.

At the end of the day Im just a regular girl ,easy going and down to earth and I will never discriminate on race ,financial status and certainly not by geographical location. Sure ,I like to post pictures of beautiful clothes ,shoes and lovely things but that doesn’t mean I want all my clients to be dressed in luxury brands and take me to 5 star restaurants every night.

Don’t get me wrong I’m very grateful to my clients that do spoil me with lovely experiences and gifts and on these occasions their generosity never goes unappreciated and I feel very special but its certainly never expected. For me a kind heart and good manners wins over wealth ,status and postcode every time
Sometimes the best dates can be as simple as a picnic in the park ,catching a movie or chilling at home to some music. To me its basically all about the connection ,the chemistry and the quality of your time and how its valued by each person.

Since becoming an escort and social companion I have met some truely beautiful people from all walks of life and and yes there are times where I find myself sorting the wheat from the chaff where all I seem to find is a lot of chaff and not much wheat but thats the nature of the industry and sooner or later you find your tribe and your tribe finds you.
Theres an old saying 'Its the clothes that make the man ' but I have the belief its the man that makes the clothes. No matter how nice the suit , its not going to improve a shitty personality or a self righteous attitude

So basically if you are polite and respectful I really don’t care what you look like ,I don’t care how much money you make or where you live as long as you are kind courteous and polite you are the perfect client for me.

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