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New photos update and cold rainy Friday thoughts

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Hello lovers,

Some of you may have/have not noticed this week I made quite a big decision when I decided to replace the photos that were on my profile in the first place and replace with the originals... On which my face is visible!
It's something I had on my mind when I decided I was gonna enter this industry. After a big reflection, I decided not to hide myself anymore. I feel very privileged to reside in a Country like Australia where sex work is legalised and even regulated in Victoria, where I am based and attend school but I'll keep those details for another diary. Showing face features isn't something that is accessible for all SW to some of us are mothers, have job positions or family members and other life circumstances where we could be risking a lot if expose. I am in a position where I felt like I could do it and truly believe that having some workers doing so helps fighting the stigma that surround the womens that are part of this industry.

I just created myself a Twitter and have been super active on there I definitely recommend you follow me if you don't already @brigittelaflam1 for daily cheeky photos!

Passionately yours,

Brigitte L. x

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