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I don't know where to start, it has now been a week since my profile got approved and went online.

I'm relatively new to this industry. I actually started off as what people casually call a ''sugar baby''. It eventually lead me to this. I was surprised to find a platform like Scarlett blue where there is a lot more than just advertising your pictures. I like the idea that someone that will be having a look to my profile will be able to come here, read my diary and learn a little bit more about myself trough these words. If you read my profile you already know I'm a very GFE person. I like to create real, true, genuine connections with people and that's exactly how I would describe the arrangements that I had in the past. I feel lucky for the beautiful souls that I met trough sex work so far and how much they brought into my life. I was always someone that embraced her sexuality and sensuality in a very special way, and those moments of intimacy that I have found myself into with clients so far where all unique in their own ways.

I will try from now on to write a diary every week. Maybe a simple life update on how life is going, maybe some funny facts about myself or stories of all my adventures trough this demimonde.

Passionately yours,
Brigitte L.

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