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My first diary entry: The big O.

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Welcome to my first diary entry and thanks for stopping by!
I feel as though I have so much knowledge on sex, intimacy, certain taboos and even the psychology behind these topics, so I'd like to start writing entries every couple of months and tick off each topic as I go. If you'd like to know more about anything sex related feel free to email me and I'll do what I can, with what I know!

So, I wanted to talk about one of the things I am most passionate about, which is the Big O- The female ejaculation, also known as Squirting!
It is far from taboo these days, many women squirt, many men know how to make a woman squirt. But there are also people who have no idea about the amazing wonderful world of the female ejaculation and I'd like to shed some light on it- different from orgasm

Although I am in the minority of women who Squirt regularly, I'm sure every woman who's able to do it will agree, that it is the most amazing thing to have ever graced our vaginas.
Thank you Lord.
It liberated me, as a woman and as an individual, it created a positive healthy view on my body and my sexuality. I felt empowered, excited about sex, as in, I just wanted to explore my body more & more!
I also felt completely satisfied, which I have never really felt after a normal orgasm.
This was different, it was genius, it was the messiah of all orgasms, the Queen of O's, the fucking answer.
I had quite literally found God.

So how does squirting make you feel?
After the big O I will feel an intense wave of relaxation wash over me, 100% satisfaction, my skin will glow, any signs of stress, worry or tension would disappear from my face, I'll look younger, feel energised and cleansed (100% fact for all women)
That burdening day to day stress, is entirely released by an explosive gush of orgasmic juices. It is such a delicious feeling!
I now know how men feel after they ejaculate & now I know, or strongly believe, why so many women are constantly on edge, agitated or overly stressed.
-We need to give our bodies that release, which most of us aren't getting, there are loads of health benefits that come from orgasms/squirting & yes every woman can squirt, it's not just the special ones.
Sad to say, we have been slow to evolve on this certain topic, not long ago it was believed that only certain females could achieve this type of orgasm, which is far from the truth. Some women may still even feel embarrassed about it, some men may even be grossed out or embarrassed too, I've never come across anyone like that but if so, you need to realise it is a healthy natural way of tension release and it should be cherished and accepted, not hidden.
Some say there's a percentage of urine that comes with squirting, i've squirted before and the entire contents was urine, doesn't matter, it comes out of the same hole anyway- if it needs to be released, release it! Stop forcing your body to hold onto contents that should be evacuated. It is not healthy.

My first squirting experience happened when I was still discovering my body, I had also at the same time, discovered the world of BDSM porn and became intrigued by those infamous Hitachi wands, which were very popular in BDSM pornos (wands were still very taboo back then) it would be tied to the womans vagina, forcing her to squirt everywhere. I needed to know what it felt like, seeing as I didn't have a wand, i needed the next best thing- The shower head. Which instantly became my new best friend and taking showers became my new favourite thing to do!
I later purchased my first Hitachi and discovered the wanders of it, but my preference is a high pressured water jet, as it's less damaging on the clit. I can't masturbate without squirting these days, it would be like having a wank and not cuming *blue balls, no thanks*

If you haven't seen a woman squirt in real life then you've most likely seen it in a porno film, and I have to mention this because I have witnessed a lot of men try and copy the techniques shown in these clips, without realising they are just smoke and mirrors.
There is no way of speeding up a squirting orgasm in real life, it takes a lot of time, loads of patience and pure relaxation!
If you've ever seen techniques such as, someone pressing down on a womans bladder, it is not the correct way to do it! Although helpful for that moment, (It's only ever made me feel uncomfortable) it is actually dangerous, long term damage can be done if you continuously force your bladder to produce squirting orgasms, you're basically forcing something that should only happen naturally. If you feel like you're going to urinate, do it! just let it go and don't hold back!
The most important thing to remember is to stay relaxed. Nothing will happen if you're not relaxed, literally nothing. Once you are under total relaxation, is when your body will allow itself to orgasm.
It is an extremely sexy thing to watch, if the woman is genuinely squirting, (you can't cut corners and shove water up your vagina then have it gush out by pressing on her bladder- no, just no.)
There's a beauty to giving this gift to a woman and seeing her body convulse with intense pleasure, to watch her legs shake uncontrollably as she releases a load of cum that you built up for her!
You will feel like a complete God and she will love you for it!
I want every woman to give herself the orgasm she deserves! Better yet I'd love it if every man were able to give any woman, one of these screaming hot intense orgasms!

I would love to have the opportunity to teach men and women certain techniques to achieve this.
I strongly believe it to be a game changer!
If you are a man who'd like to learn some techniques for your partner or just because, if you're a female who would like to learn or even a couple who are interested, please don't hesitate to contact me and I can tailor a package to suit your needs.
Invest in your sexual health- our vagina's go through a hell of a lot- time to make her purr!

B xx

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