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Very often when I meet someone for the first time they mention they're feeling a little nervous, even if they've met with escorts before. It's completely understandable and relatable - we get first meeting jitters too! I wrote this little piece while I was on tour recently, because I wanted to encapsulate how it feels when meeting someone for the first (or second, or third!) time.

There is a lot to be said for the buildup before we meet and it is part of the beauty of these encounters.

Will you sound like you do in the messages you write me? What things will we have in common? Will you like me and think that I'm funny? Because I want to make you laugh and feel joyous. Will you enjoy the special effort I've put in to prepare for you, to help you feel safe and comfortable and welcome.

How will you feel and taste? What will it be like when we lose ourselves to passion?

If you're feeling excited and nervous before we meet, don't worry. I am too and it is half of the seduction.

"I write this settled on the window seat of my hotel room on the 8th floor; sun kisses my body with its warmth as I relax into it, absorbing it. Outside is the grey of buildings with lashings of blue sky and the people are almost ants. Chardonnay slips through my lips, down my throat.

These are moments that I relish and savour: indulging in the anticipation of what is to come. There is the familiar feeling of butterflies chasing each other in my stomach that sends little shivers of electricity down my back. I wonder how it will feel as my robe slips down my shoulders and falls to its home on the floor. I think about how my skin will dissolve into the softest silk under your touch. How will your voice sound as you murmur my name?

Light reflects through my glass and casts rainbows across the room. They land on the sheets and I already know how the folds of soft cotton will feel as they envelope us. The air is still thick with my anticipation when I hear your quiet knock at the door. "

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