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How to describe my lifelong affinity for words? A rich and rewarding relationship, spanning from days of losing myself in the pages of childhood stories, to the poetry that trademarked my teenage years, to the academic essays I crafted during long nights at university. I feel regretful that, for a little while, words and writing took a backseat in my life; overshadowed by the grind of full time work and feeling consumed by my new life in a bigger city.

Over the course of the last year or two, I have rediscovered the joy of balance and have spent my time rekindling my love for writing. Winter nights spent in bed, a glass of whisky on the table next to me, filling page after page with ink. Summer days with toes in grass, a notebook by my side. Although, I have always kept the finished product close to me. Putting a pen to paper was (and is) a way to soothe my mind, or a way of recording moments I figured would be of no interest to anyone but felt special to me. To show anyone my words would be akin to baring my soul and the thought has previously caused me much anxiety and nervousness.

The only things I ever wrote with the intention of them being publicised, were the blurbs to accompany a series of erotic, self-shot photo sets (my first foray into the adult industry, the beginning of a love affair). Someone, who has grown to be one of my closest friends, is familiar with these blurbs. She has been reading them from the very beginning - in fact, she has been reading them since we were strangers, just portraits and text on screens, but none the less I feel we were always enamoured by each other. She never failed to inform me of the beauty she perceived in what I wrote. A special note of gratitude to the ever wonderful Laney Day, for building my confidence and instilling in me the belief that, perhaps, other people would also find beauty in my words.

So here we are; I have the pleasure of spare time which I can fill with creativity. I have passion and love and things I care about that stimulate and inspire me. I have moments in my life I want to capture. I have decided it’s time to send my words out into the world; to watch them evolve and (hopefully) engage. My writing is varied; sometimes short and sweet, sometimes long and full of feeling. Often poetic, nuanced, simple. Honest. This is my way of introducing it to you, because this is new to me and I am shy and nervous, but I very much hope you are looking forward to more.

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