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I find a lot of contentment in what most people refer to as ‘small pleasures’. The highlights of my days are made up of things that might seem mundane or insignificant, like which coloured rose had the sweetest scent on my walk home or how many different types of dogs I pet at the park at that day.

Sometimes I can’t help but feel that the types of anecdotes I give aren’t quite what people hope to hear when they ask things like ‘What was the highlight of your trip?’ or a simple ‘How was your day today?’. How can I explain the highlight of my months overseas was that one Berlin afternoon that moved me more than the others. The one when I sat on the edge of the canal with a 4 euro Spritz I bought in a plastic cup at the market, rays of light connecting with water and faces and smoke from barbecues. That one sunset when everything felt so idyllic and perfect and pure?

Is it disappointing when I say my day was good because I found the favourite pair of socks I thought I’d lost to wherever it is that socks go and then I ate a whole bowl of berries in the garden?

I wrote the following snippet on a late spring afternoon when I was overcome by the simple beauty of a typical day. I am often so consumed by my thoughts or tasks and the rhythm of daily life that I find it deeply rewarding when I remember to take a moment to stop and breathe.

“Serenely sitting with legs stretched out, feet resting on the seat beside me. Hair twisted into a loosely woven bun, a few escaped strands delicately brushing my face. I have the taste of coffee on my lips; an iced long black, perfectly cold, perfectly sharp. A gentle warmth falls onto my cheeks.

Taking a moment of rest from my list of ‘things to do’, I am momentarily distracted by the going ons around me. The sun peeking through the trees is too beautiful to ignore and the bees in the wisteria sweetly command my attention. An electric buzz of anticipation thickens the air as the scent of a new season drifts by, reassuringly familiar. Another spring, another summer.

I hear my phone chime with your message…my heart skips a beat as I drift slowly back to earth.”

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