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Tours are a financial risk. I need to outlay thousands for decent accommodation, flights, ubers/taxis and pay for a puppy sitter. I need still need to pay my operating costs including rent, advertising, and all the little things that is included in running a business on top - so even if I make enough to cover touring costs I may still be at a loss.

Anyone following my twitter would know my current tour had been a bit of a mess. I have been on some tours which have gone perfectly and I have come home with a nice little paycheck, but others - like my current tour, can be a mess.

When I advertised 2 months ago within a week or two I was 50% booked, I shuffled days to suit clients and it was even booked out in 2 of the 4 cities I toured in. 2 weeks before my tour I only had a couple available booking times in once city and the others were booked out so I was excited for a busy tour! I booked my flights and accommodation before checking the deposits - rookie error.
The week before I decided to go through the deposits to see if everyone had paid as my bank account had grown to around the same as it would be with all deposits received. To my shock I had a couple PIA that I wasn't expecting and more that half the deposits were missing - not one single person had messaged me to cancel!! This was gut-wrenching for me as I was currently at a loss. I don't know if someone or multiple people had been messing with me, or I managed to have a REALLY bad run of dummy bookers/time wasters, but this tour was looking like a complete financial loss. I started chasing up these people - alot of non responses, one who i assume is a time waster tried rebooking for a couple days after, and even a 'who is this?'

I then started to receive the cancellations and reschedules from some of my clients who paid a deposit - If my clients cancel before I leave they get a refund. All of a sudden Im looking at scrapping an entire city!

After chucking a twitter tantrum I decided to put my business hat on and change the dates so I was in another city which was booked out and I had turned down a lot of enquirers. All of a sudden I had refilled most of the bookings I was missing out on

So it comes the week I'm on tour. The first city I visit was perfect, no cancellations or reschedules for the day I was there, then moved to the next city.

My big booking on the first day cancelled before I left - this annoyed me because I had changed my tour dates to suit this booking. I managed to refill it with a smaller booking a few days before with a client I had seen before - no deposit and he cancelled due to a 'work emergency' just 1 hr before the booking. So now I have no bookings, I managed to get a reasonable last minute booking so the whole day wasn't a loss - I made just enough to cover costs - I ended up spending the day taking the opportunity to catch up with another escort so I didn't manage a gym session like planned.

The next day I was going to have off to explore and go to the gym but instead I stayed in a managed to get a couple last minute bookings.

The day after I originally had a regular who's booking makes the trip worth it cancel due to a funeral - he let me know before I left so I couldn't keep a deposit. So once again I was lucky to refill it with a decent size booking and a last minute smaller one earlier that day.

The last day went as planned with a large regular booking - as this booking required a lot of energy I only went for a walk as my exercise - the first time I could dedicate some time to exercise. So the second city was just profitable and my tour was looking good again with the bookings I had in the next city - it would have been better with no cancellations but such is life.

SO I went on to the 3rd city where I had planned one day off to fly and to see a band.

The second day I planned only to work that evening as I knew I would have a late night the night before but of course I received another last minute cancellation once again to a funeral - so instead I had 2 days off and get my hair done instead - this client had PIA and rescheduled so he still looses his deposit but I don't have to refund the entire amount.

Now the 3rd day went as planned with one lunch date - I was happy with that.

The next day - which is today is a complete sharbakle. I was originally supposed to fly to the 4th city last night. So Today originally started with 3 small bookings in the 4th city. 2 MIA deposits and one cancellation before I left - I then had to refund the cancellation so I had nothing to cover me for that trip - Plus a potential reschedule, a missing deposit and another cancellation for the following 2 days made me decide to cut my losses and completely scrap the 4th city and stay in the 3rd for an extra couple of days.

I let enquirers know I now had availability (after turning them down due to lack of availability prior) So now I had 2 more bookings for today, and one for tomorrow before I decided to fly home. One booking was a MIA deposit, one cancelled as he decided to go to the tennis - at least he was honest! and a small one today kept his. I managed to book another 2 small bookings to try and make up for it, once again MIA deposits and cancellations, Then one more last minute small booking to try to save the day and he kept on chopping and changing so I'm cutting my losses and going to dinner with another escort istead of waiting around to try and get another last minute booking.

So today I had 8 people book in at one stage or another - and only 1 came though with a booking!!! This is alot of lost admin time! The 3rd city was actually at a loss - if it wasn't for last minute bookings in the second city I would be at a complete loss for this whole tour.

I do have to give credit when credit is due - I had two amazing gentleman who had to cancel due to circumstances out of their control offer me a cancellation fee. One had paid a deposit and the other hadn't. I have never accepted a cancellation fee before as I usually fill the bookings but this tour I accepted cancellation fees. I am now considering implementing cancellation fees.

One of the most frustrating things is I ended up stuffing around another client. I have seen him before and he booked me on the day I was flying out just after I found out about that days cancellations. I got my wires crossed thinking he cancelled on me when it was actually another client - so I booked an earlier flight so I could get home ASAP so I had to cancel on him which is a horrible feeling.

Unfortunately this is apart of being a touring escort - I work from 10am and have bookings past midnight - this includes sitting around waiting for bookings, I takes an 1.5hours to get fed and ready so even if i do find myself with 3 spare hours I cannot do much with it except run to the shops. In this time I'm trying to fit in the gym and work out when to eat, I try to plan exploring and getting out of the apartment. I have not been to the gym this entire tour and I'm loosing my marbles! Due to cancellations I am prioritizing last minute bookings over dedicating 4-5hrs to go to the gym (including travel time, food, and getting ready for bookings) If I do not have 2 bookings locked in at least 4-5hrs apart, or one big booking with everything finishing at a reasonable time I will not go to the gym. If I am trying to reorganize bookings I will not go to the gym as the last thing I want is to miss the opportunity to refill a booking time.

This throws me out - I start eating unhealthy as I am a stress eater, and I am all over the place.
This is not healthy!

I am lucky enough to not have this happen every tour - if i did I would never tour. The stress isn't healthy, the lack of routine is not healthy. If i had all my booking go to plan I can actually plan naps, and the gym, and time to see and meet other escorts and/or friends without stressing about missing last minute bookings.

So if you are a client reading this, please see how stressful your cancellations are - it can completely throw her day out so now its not just time time you have booked that is waster, her entire day may now have been cancelled because she now need to prioritize last minute bookings. You may not see it is a big deal but it really is for the escorts who are planners like myself.
If you book an escort for her tour, pay a deposit asap, or at least let her know if you get cold feet or busy and need to cancel. Wait until you know can definitely see her before booking - if you are a last minute guy let her know, pay her deposit and ask her to let you know her availability on the day. Offer a cancellation fee so she knows how genuine you are so she doesn't think shes been screwed around by time wasters.

I receive so many requests to tour and I have some amazing interstate clients who would like to see me more regularly but if I have consecutive bad tours I will seriously reconsider if they are worth the stress and lack of healthy lifestyle.

If your an escort considering touring - just know some tours can be amazing, but others can be complete shiate with cancellations. Clients have busy lives too and they may be trying to fit you into their schedule as well - sometimes your the easy one to cut to make more time or save money which is unfortunate but that's the life of being an escort, which can be way more stressful when touring!

Billie xx

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