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The difference between GFE and PSE

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When I first started escorting I was ignorant and naive, It took me quite a while to work out this world, how things operate and correct terminology. I started off with 1 base rate with pretty much everything included, which I now know is PSE. I thought escorting was all about sex, the client comes in, minimal chit chat then get into it, he blows, then leaves. Oh how I was wrong! Yes there are a lot of guys looking for this, but there are so many other guys out there looking for different things!

After a while I split my rates into 2, using the terms I saw most commonly, GFE and PSE. PSE was for anything really full on that took preparation and recovery, and GFE was everything else, again naive to the fact that this was not actually what GFE meant. My GFE at that stage was a mix between GFE and my PSE, closer to the PSE side.

I now know what GFE means, the girlfriend experience, which is supposed to be intimate, passionate, with cuddles, DFK, extensive conversations, companionship, a connection, and of course some full service!

PSE is more full on sex, few extra treats thrown in, some include anal, some offer it as an extra. Some like myself include BDSM, some offer it as an extra. Regardless PSE is supposed to be more about sex than intimacy, whereas GFE more about intimacy than sex.

When I started I knew my kinkiness, and a few talents I had would be beneficial, but I didn't realize I'm naturally gifted to be able to provide whats required for the real GFE, I find it easy to connect if my client is receptive, I like intimacy and a connection! I started getting more and more bookings like this which I loved, but I would still get the guys who were there purely for physical reasons. It was my own doing, I haven't updated my list of whats included since I split my services, all I did was make some of the more full sexual acts extras.

Don't get me wrong I LOVE variety, I also love full on sex sessions just as much as GFE but I like to prepare myself mentally if its going to be just that. When someone books a PSE I'm prepared for it, GFE I had become accustomed to preparing to come into the booking and get to know my client before getting to the sex part and I started to get thrown off when they wanted to get straight into it.

Now my full on sex sessions are not the same as most others, I have a huge list of what I do because of my love for variety. I attract some because I am quite kinky! Which makes setting all full on sex sessions to PSE hard, PSE is for the full blown, kinky, face f**king, CIM, bdsm, spanking, squirting ect. Most gravitated towards GFE because they wanted full on sex, but less BDSM or not the whole 9 yards, so why should they pay for it? I used to include most of these as extras with my GFE which defeats the purpose of GFE, so I decided to set 3 different service types, more accurate to what they are paying for and what is involved.

Sensual GFE - The real GFE, with connection, intimacy, and full service. The extras and quite a few thing are not included to keep it as just GFE.

Kinky GFE - The mix between GFE and PSE, closer to the PSE side. This includes a few extras I was charging for to actually make it the same price, or cheaper to what my clients used to pay for my old GFE plus extras. It helps clarify that this service is more a sexual based service and includes quite a bit of kinkiness, or anything more than an intimate full service. It caters for anyone looking for more of a PSE booking but not the whole 9 yards. Why should they pay the same rate as someone else who wants a more extreme service?

PSE - This is for the very very kinky, the people who want a full on experience which requires me to be even more prepared mentally and physically, and may need a bit of recovery after!

Now I know how easy it is to get confused because so many ladies GFE is varied. A lot of new girls, parlors, and some naturally full on with the sexual side will classify their base service as GFE, much like I had, not actually realizing what GFE means. Please also look at GFE as just that. Unless she states her GFE of a mix of GFE and PSE don't expect in to include most of the extras, or a full blown sex session unless stated in her ad.

A lot of ladies only offer GFE, that's what they are good at and prefer to do for all bookings, so I can imagine how frustrating it would be for someone to walk in and expect full on sex the entire booking. Please read the fine print and what the lady offers! I am lucky enough that I enjoy a variety, so I offer it, a lot of ladies don't like certain things, so they don't offer it. We are all different and its much more than just looking at the photos, take a bit of time to see if she is compatible to your wants/needs.

Billie xx

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