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How not to annoy a escort when trying to booking them!

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Now I know this is one of the most generic blogs I could write - it is also one of the most ironic blogs you can write - usually the only clients who read them are the ones who read our ads and websites top to bottom including etiquette and FAQ before getting to our blogs! So why am I writing it? Simply to copy and paste the link and send it too every single enquirer that has not read my ad!

For the first 6 months of being a private independent escort I used to respond to every single SMS! I had a few good bookings come through even from the 'Hi', and 'are you available' SMS/E-mails. However I also had ALOT of time wasters, stand-ups, 'cancellations', disrespectful clients, boundary pushers, and spend ALOT of time replying to messages that simply lead nowhere. So over time I started ignoring messages for my safety and to save my frustration. I stated in my ads what to include in an introductory text/email and anyone who contacted me without this information or outside my working hours I ignored.

Every now and then ill feel nice and respond - usually just wasting my time but occasionally a good booking will come through so when I have the time Ill sporadically educate them on how to contact escorts.

One thing I understand is every escort has different contact requirements.
~Some only do last minute bookings - some only advanced
~Some take deposits/do reference checks - some don't bother
~Some require all the booking information - some don't
~Some prefer phone calls - some SMS/email only
~We all have different working hours!
So you may be used to calling escorts and asking if their available now and you can get a booking but for many - like myself - we see it as a red flag because it seems like you have just seen our photos, looked for a number and decided to call it without reading our ad - so you have no idea how we operate and you just want to get down and dirty with a good looking girl and have probably messaged every WL in the directory to see if we are available. This is a really good way to end up on the blacklist (or as one escort who notoriously blacklists anyone who does not read her ads calls it 'the di*khead list')

A lot of us run ourselves like a legitimate business - would you contact a doctor, plumber, accountant or any othe profession that requires appointments saying 'avail?' or 'Hi'? - No you wouldn't!

When you don't read our ads a lot of us get annoyed! The reason why we include all this information, including how to contact is so we don't waste our time replying to messages that wont lead to bookings because you are not even in the city we will be in, or you want a time that's not available, or we have screening measures we need to allow time for, or we simply don't take bookings at 3am on a Wednesday morning!

So here's how not to annoy an escort when booking them.

!!!!!!!!!!!!! READ OUR ADS/WEBSITES !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its very simple isn't it!!

An example of a good basic inquiry is:

Hi Billie,
I am located in (city), I was wondering if you were available on (proposed date), at (proposed time) for a (duration) (service/experience type).
Thank you,

If you have any requests also put this in!

Here's not what to do:
* Message 'Hi', or 'How are you', 'Avail now' - These are usually an instant ignore msgs.
* Call as soon as you find her number without reading to see how to contact her
* Call/message at anytime without looking for her working hours - some ladies state they are available 24/7 - these ladies usually need advanced bookings because we need sleep too!
* Don't push for a WL to take bookings outside of her working hours - a lot of us need a good routine to remain healthy!
* Request a full PSE booking when she is more of a GFE escort or vice versa - I know some ladies are physically appealing to you but you also need to make sure the way she operates is compatible to what you are looking for!
* Ask for services she has not listed, unless she states requests are ok

I have been recently made aware of websites stealing our ads, mis-advertising and not including all of our information so unless you have found her on backpage/cracker/locanto/craigslist I would suggest looking for the following information in their ad:

* Rates
* Working hours
* Preferred contact method
* About me
* Links to her social media and/or website.

If the advertising does not include this then I would suggest the website you are on is actually stealing these ads and providing you with inaccurate/inadequate information. I suggest you then go looking for a better directory which has all the information.

So there you have it - why you should read an escorts ad and how not to end up on the blacklist!!

Billie xx

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