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One thing I love about this industry is the diverse nature of it, every provider has a different style and every client is looking for something different!

It is a significant misconception that the industry is based around just sex. There is so much more to choosing a provider than looks and a services list.
While browsing forums I have noticed that a some clients place a high importance on looks and services lists, which is fine, however they actually do not take everything into consideration that they need too. I understand years ago this is how the industry worked, however the industry is evolving. Nowday's a lot of providers have social media, and have a lot of information in their ads, or on their websites to show you the type of person they are. This is why I am so big on social media, so I can show the type of person I am instead of just being a list of services.

For me to explain this further Im going to break down my experiences. You may note that I will always refer to what I provide as 'experiences' with 'inclusions', rather than 'services' with 'services list'.
I choose to do this as I do provide an experience for my clients, not just a service. There is absolutely nothing wrong with providing a service, however my particular style is more about the entire experience not just servicing you and off you go.
Every client who comes to see me is looking for something, as I am not the most conventionally attractive provider, nor am I affordable for the average client who is looking for a basic sexual service, those who come to see me are looking for a particular experience, and I pride myself in providing that.

I offer 5 different experiences, each one with different inclusions. I also offer different extras for each experience, but only offer what is applicable to that particular experience.
I enjoy each and every experience I provide! I chose to break my experiences down into 5 categories after I realised how diverse my clients are, I base my rates on the energy I provide, and the preparation required for each experience.

So lets break them down:

Companionship is quite self explanatory, my cheapest rate for my non-intimate clients. This includes coffee, lunch and dinner dates, doing other activities in public, or even just spending platonic time together in private.

Sensual Girlfriend experience:
During a Sensual Girlfriend experience encounter you will expect what the title describes. No extras are included in this and it is a mix of companionship and intimacy which is a more relaxed, natural flowing experience. If you are looking for a highly sexual encounter the GFE is not actually for you.

Kinky Girlfriend Experience:
This is similar to the Sensual GFE, however it includes extras and a different vibe. The kinky GFE still includes a mix of companionship and intimacy, however the 'in-the-bedroom' part is more energetic with a large variety of options. Essentially the Kinky GFE is a mix of the intimacy of the Sensual GFE and the sexual side of a PSE.

Pornstar experience:
During a Pornstar experience you will expect more bedroom action, with a larger variety of inclusions and extras. I provide more sexual energy for these bookings that I would for GFE. A common mistake with PSE bookings is assuming you only book PSE when you want all the extras - a PSE booking to me is a highly sexual booking regardless if the extras are included or not.

Pro Submissive:
My pro sub is by far the most enthusiastic experience, this is for BDSM clients who want to go above and beyond the PSE range. I discuss experiences, and boundaries with my clients before hand to ensure they are compatible to the experience I provide before accepting the booking.

Now I have broken down my experiences can you see that it is more than just a services list?
One of the reasons why I have so many experiences instead of the normal 'GFE' and/or 'PSE' is so I can get a general idea of the experience my clients are looking for and be prepared.

There are ways I can tell when the client is looking for more a service rather than an experience:

~ Quite often I will get requests for 30minute GFE. 30 minutes is not long enough for me to provide a girlfriend experience, that is why my minimum is PSE for 30 minute bookings.
~ Regularly I will receive an enquiry where they do not stipulate the experience which they are looking for - they look at my photos and book based on aesthetics - this is not how i operate. Yes aesthetics play a part but due to the way I operate I like to make the experience just as much of a priority as aesthetics.
~ I have had many bookings where the client has booked a GFE and expected a PSE type of experience - usually they look at my inclusions and they do not want all the extras but they still want a highly sexual experience - this is still classified as PSE.

One thing I have discovered over time is that every provider has different limitations, inclusions and operates in their own unique way.
I see negative reviews on forums posted for GFE providers where the client was expecting more of a PSE experience - this is not the providers fault - this is on the client for not researching properly - therefore the saying YMMV comes into it.

Some providers have a flat rate with everything included, this covers both PSE and GFE type bookings, or the provider could be a GFE only provider, a PSE provider, or is just looking to 'service' you - again it is up to the client to do their research to see if they are compatible - it is also up to the provider to ensure they advertise themselves well to portray her particular style.

Each provider also has different preferences how they operate. Some prefer SMS/e-mail only, others phone calls; some only work during business hours, others sporadically, some just the nightshift; some like to party, others don't; Some are more sexual based, others more companionship; Some like the quickes, others prefer longer duration bookings; Some don't want to know or care about their clients personal lives, others like to get to know their clients. Usually this is all stated or implied in their ads, this is why you doing research is so important. A fast track way to making it onto someones blacklist is by not reading their ads and contacting them incorrectly, or at an inappropriate time, or asking for services they do not provide.

I have spoken to other providers who share mutual client, which then confirms how different we all are! I have had clients who have really pushed my limits, however others have had no issues with them. Some providers have mentioned they will never see some of my clients again because they have pushed their boundaries or they are just not compatible, when I have never had any issues with them.

Some clients have mentioned that they had booked providers and the experience they have received is not what they were looking for, usually this is from a newer client who is still learning what to look for.

The best way to ensure your money is well spent is to do your research, read providers ads, look at their social media, make sure your not just ticking the boxes of services and looks, but also looking to see if their style suits what you are looking for.

Billie xx

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